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Ivy Lim Influencer

On 01 Aug 2018


This biscuit taste really delicious. Nice maltose with the egg yoke. Not too strong. Just nice. Biscuit taste salty, a great combination for the sweetness of the cream. Great for afternoon tea break.

Olive Influencer

On 30 Jul 2018

Subtle taste

This snack has the texture of a soft biscuit and a hint of salted egg. I prefer a fuller flavour.

Dil Skarsgård Influencer

On 26 Jul 2018

Great Salted Egg Taste with added Twist of Nougat.

I gotta 'Nougat it' and agree that it taste great! It is so crunchy and salted egg lover will definitely enjoy.!To the non-salted-egg-believer, this might change your mind!

Stephanie Law Influencer

On 26 Jul 2018

Very addictive, tasty little treats!

Although I love all things salted egg yolk flavour, I didn't really know what to expect with these biscuits but they were surprisingly very tasty! The biscuit itself was buttery and salty and the nougat that was sandwiched in between was chewy, not too sweet and had a mild egg flavour similar to what you would find in an egg custard bun. The perfect combination of salty and sweet, and crunchy and chewy makes these biscuits highly addictive! These will definitely be my new go-to snack!

Karen Low Influencer

On 21 Jul 2018

Yummy salted egg yolk snack!

We love all things salted egg yolk so this nougat biscuits make a great tea time snack. We love that we can eat on its own, straight out from the package, or nuke it in the microwave oven for that added softness and fragrance! That smell of salted egg yolk lingering when in the oven, makes everyone drool! Conveniently packed individually, I could pack them in our snack boxes for outings easily! Love these!

Father Dennis Member

On 14 Aug 2018

Too fat for me

It is oily and fattening. Stop eating after 10 pieces. Very heaty

Sally Ng Member

On 14 Aug 2018

Too buttery

Very heaty stuff. Not to my liking. Maybe don't suit Singaporean taste

Tan Member

On 14 Aug 2018

salted egg biscuits

chewy yummy salty snack

Alice Leong Member

On 14 Aug 2018

Awesome product

will recommend to my friends and family, thank you

Judy Chan Member

On 14 Aug 2018

Awesome product

will recommend to my friends and family, thank you