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Safe for pet skin(90.9%)
Removal of trapped dirt with thick and large mesh cloth(72.7%)
Contains olive leaf extract(54.5%)



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Mohamed Ajmal Member

On 02 Jul 2020

Review for Woosh Pet Wipes

Cat Loves it!!

I have been using baby wipes but my cat hates it and always runs away, after using this my cat loves this. Will definitely buy.

Machelle Hock Member

On 27 Apr 2020

Review for Woosh Pet Wipes

Love the product!

This product is very good, I like the smell of the tissue. After used, there is no such effect on my pawkid. It s safe for your pawkid

Nellie Teo Member

On 13 Mar 2020

Review for Woosh Pet Wipes

Good for Dogs with skin issues

i passed this sample to my sister who has a poodle with skin sensitivity. So far this furry boy has no issues with the wipes. Should be a good product for future use.

Shamine Kumaar Member

On 02 Aug 2019

Review for Woosh Pet Wipes

Awesome Awesome Awesome

After trying this product on my corgi, i super love it. It is super durable and cleans up mess so efficiently. Everyone who has a dog would know that keeping them clean is a chore. You would probably need a few pieces of regular wipes to make sure your pup is clean. But for the whoosh wipes, you just need one. It is safe for my pup's skin as well. No allergies or rashes after using the product. I have actually bought the real size product and have recommended it to my friends.

Jiahui Member

On 10 Mar 2019

Review for Woosh Pet Wipes

Seems normal

Seems normal, about the same as other pet wipes I've tried. No unpleasant scents, which is good.

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