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Skin Soothing(27.1%)
Moisture Enforcement(26.8%)
Skin Whitening(15.6%)
Toning Up The Skin Colour(15.6%)



Very Good








Joanna Goh Influencer

On 22 Sep 2017

Great product

Good for normal daily usage - however maybe because of only using it once, whitening effect isn't obvious.

Nas Sue Influencer

On 08 Aug 2017

left the mask on for 30-40mins to let it absorb more

i left the mask on for longer than the recommended use of 20mins, not much noticeable difference after one use though, but it definitely is soothing and moisturised.

Fan Kai Ying Influencer

On 05 Aug 2017

still accept product

After trying this mask, the serum smell like quite weird. The mask smell like orange, feel that many vitamin into mask

lim jia wei Influencer

On 09 Jun 2017

Totally silky

rose based facial mask, the scent comes true and the feeling is really quite silky

Maria Victoria Galang Influencer

On 09 Apr 2017

ok product

The packaging is great . My skin was smooth and soothed after using.

Hazrah Bebe Member

On 14 Dec 2017

Smoothing perfectly

Moisture protection on the skin that has a whitening function. Very soothing and tightening too

Joanne Szewai Member

On 08 Dec 2017

not for sensitive skin

the product has a citrus fragrance, the sheet is quite thin and there's a lot of essence in there. but it's not good for sensitive skin though as there is a sensation on my sensitive skin.

Yi Chiun Heng Member

On 05 Dec 2017

smell nice

come with vitamin c serum make my skin brigther after use

Elain Member

On 05 Dec 2017

quite sticky

It is an okay product. It might be too oily and heavy for humid weather. The smell of the ampoule is very pungent too!

lione teo Member

On 27 Nov 2017

Moisturising mask

Will recommend it to my friends. Highly moisturising, refreshing and softenjng of the skin.