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Able To Understand Your Scalp Conditions(43.5%)
Leave The Scalp Visibly Clean And Clear(21.7%)
Pampering And Enjoyable Treatment For 2hrs(21.7%)
Customised Treatment That Deeply Cleansed(13.0%)



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celinechiam Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

Clean Hair and Scalp

After trying Trichokare's Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment, I felt like my hair and scalp are significantly cleaner than I have ever felt before, and the scans of my scalp taken after the process certainly showed it. In the Before and After scans, I noticed those dry flaky skin being almost completely removed. Hair follicles are now visibly cleaner in the After scans. That really makes a big difference to some one with greasy scalp problems, like myself.

Cheng Kai Ting Influencer

On 29 Nov 2017

Discover your hair age with TK TrichoKare!

I had an oily scalp and clogged pores, but after just one treatment with Trichokare, I see that my scalp is visibly cleaner and less greasy! Furthermore, the treatment process was so relaxing and enjoyable; I especially enjoyed the Oxyjet treatment for my scalp. I love that their treatment are customized to my scalp and hair needs too.

Cynthia Chin Member

On 25 Sep 2018

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Jasper Member

On 25 Sep 2018

TrichoKare $600 Award Winning Hair & Scalp Treatment Voucher

Never book, never attend. Hence no further comment.

Jasper Koh Teck Leong Member

On 25 Sep 2018

TrichoKare $600 Award Winning Hair & Scalp Treatment Voucher

Never try as never book and attend. Hence no further comment.

Celine Coleman Member

On 10 Aug 2018

Refreshing scalp!

After trying, i love it and purchase the bigger size!

Liew Hui Sin Member

On 12 Jun 2018

Due to age restriction I cant use it.

No choice as I can't use it redeem for nothing. :(