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Ease Of Consumption(25.0%)
Improves Sleep Quality(22.8%)
Improves Holistic Health(15.8%)



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Amabel Lim Influencer

On 03 Jul 2018

Still testing it out so far

Still testing the product out so far, haven't noticed anything different

Yunzi Influencer

On 26 Jun 2018

Helped me sleep

Love this product that temporary cured my imsomnia. Would recommend

Nicole Influencer

On 25 Jun 2018

Great product!

I tried it in the morning for a long day ahead and it really kept me focused throughout my day without having any food coma after lunch (which I usually do, especially on a hectic day at work). I still felt very energetic after my day at work. Good product!

Dil Skarsgård Influencer

On 20 Jun 2018

Smart Jet Capsules Review!

Easy to consume capsules made it a breeze to take as a supplement.

Isabelle Rosta Influencer

On 08 Jun 2018

SmartJet Lion’s Mane Mushroom Mycelium Capsules

They are really easy to consume when it’s contained in it’s capsule. I take them more often at night as I find that it puts me into a deeper sleep and as a result, I wake up feeling fresh and more alert in the mornings. I’ll take a capsule in the day when I feel really sleepy mid-day but I won’t be needing that for now thanks to a more well rested mind.

xiao lin Member

On 13 Aug 2018

Ok product

I dont really feel a big difference after consuming, but it does make u sleep better

Berry Member

On 11 Aug 2018

After 2 try i feel the difference.

It help to improve my sleep after 2nd try. Fell full of energy the next morning.

Welly Setiawan Member

On 11 Aug 2018

helps with my sleeping problem

The effect took a while but I find that I can sleep a bit easier

Chew Wei Ting Member

On 08 Aug 2018

not bad

i guess it takes a while to really see the benefits but so far sleep quality is better

Clemmie Member

On 08 Aug 2018


First time trying this kind of product, seems can improve sleep quality.