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Angeline Influencer

On 13 Nov 2017

Nestlé Gerber® New Bakery Snacks DO NOT contain any artificial flavours!

My first thought when I saw "Cinnamon" on the packaging was "eeeek!". I have never been a fan of Cinnamon, but I was so surprised when the kids dug into it without a second thought and kept asking for more!

Kathy Member

On 21 Mar 2018

Love it!

I absolutely adore Graham Crackers, bought this for myself. Unlike a lot of other things that come in packages, this one is filled with more food than air! It also comes in a resealable bag which makes snacking that much easier, because I can just reseal it instead of giving the excuse that "oh I'll have to find a container to put it in, let me just finish it". Love the quality and quantity of this, would definitely recommend others to try it! :)

melody toh Member

On 03 Feb 2018

Yummy biscuits!

I actually bought this for myself to try and I enjoy it as my mid-afternoon snack! I love the cinnamon flavour and the fact that it does not contain artificial flavours or colouring makes it a guilt-free treat!

Joycelyn Member

On 19 Jan 2018

It's Yummy

This is my first try with this product. Surprisingly it taste better than i thought. However, it is a little sweet for baby below 24 months. Overall, i am still satisfy with this cookies as well.

Navya Ashok Member

On 06 Jan 2018

Perfect snack

It’s a perfect snack for a baby .. even I like the taste .. and the playful characters and easy to handle and yummy taste .. too

Eugene Low Member

On 27 Nov 2017

My son loves this

The crackers were really yummy (stole one myself). My son enjoyed it. We have been a loyal user of the Graduates brand anyway. Thanks for bringing this to Sample Store.

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