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Diseases of affluence are more prevalent in developing and developed countries due to wealth and lifestyle changes like accessibility to processesd food  (fast food), higher consumption of high sugar high fat diet & alcohol and less physical activity which often leads to obsesity.

Eating too much processed junk food leads to our liver's being unable to break down fats. A liver clogged with fat causes liver cells to become sluggish and diseased. Sometimes due to work we have no choice but to drink alcohol and eat rich food so the only way is to protect your liver by including a liver cleansing supplement to assit your body to clear out toxins and liver fat to optimise your liver functions. HAPPY LIVER+ is an all-natural liver protecting supplement consisting of a special blend of liver cleansing TCM herbs as well as Soy Lecithin and GAG & Collagen II to enhance the support of healthy liver functions. Soy Lecithin is rich in Choline which maintains proper liver activity and functions by transporting fats out of the liver. GAG & Collagen II helps to maintain healthy lipid levels. The special blend of liver cleansing TCM herbs protect the liver by regulating lipid metabolism in the liver, strengthening the spleen; working together to prevent accumulation of excess fat in the liver cells. HAPPY LIVER+ provides a total protection for your liver and optimises liver health and functions.

How to use:
Take 2 capsules 2 times daily with warm water after meals.

Target audience:
20s to 40s young executives who needs to entertain or those who foodhunt and feasts excessively on alcohol, rich and fatty food and are at risk of having or already have fatty liver / high cholesterol problem.



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Retail Price: $52/ 60 capsules
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Targeted Gender: Both
Targeted Age: Suitable for 21 years & above
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Sample Set Includes: 1 bottle of 20 capsules x Happy Liver+
Sample Size: 1-Week Supply
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fiona teo
Joined: Nov 2015
17 review(s)

- 11 Nov, 2016

ALL LINK 全连 HAPPY LIVER+. Its easy to swallow. I normally eat it after drinking so that it can protect, maintain and cleanse my liver. Hope it works like its advertised

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Teh Chee Koek
Joined: Nov 2015
4 review(s)

- 21 Sep, 2016


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Jesmine Wee
Joined: Nov 2015
28 review(s)

- 3 Sep, 2016

No side effect so far. Need to monitor for few months.

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Joined: Nov 2015
5 review(s)

- 8 Jul, 2016


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Anne Koh
Joined: Nov 2015
79 review(s)

- 17 Jun, 2016


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