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The first symtoms of arthritis are joint pain or cracking sounds from their joints. People usually only start taking joint supplements when they feel some pain or are already suffering from extreme pain or some imobility from arthritis or ostepporosis.

People with arthritis nearly always experience joint pain, swelling, stiffness, and limited movement. Osteoporosis will develop when bone resorption occurs too quickly or when replacement is too slow. When we age, our body’s ability to produce GAGs and Collagen II naturally decreases. The rate of growth for new bones is slower than the rate at which the bone is dissolved, leading to loss of bone mass and thinning of bones to become weaker and more fragile. It may lead to broken bones or fractures in the hip, spine and wrist which may result to restriction of movement and loss of independence in carrying out daily activities.

And then they will start taking gluocosamine but realise it does not seem to work. That is because for healthy joints, they need sufficient GAGs & Collagen II in their joint matrix. As aging occurs, the body produces lower amount of GAGs & Collagen II which causes the cartilage to harden and become inelastic. GAGs & Collagen II is the natural protein that provides our body with structural support and is the natural make up of our tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles etc. It can also prevent loss of bone mass by retaining calcium in bones, promotes and repair the growth of cartilages. To prevent yourself before the onset of arthritis, the easiest way is to let your body get enough of GAG & Collagen II by taking a health supplement containing this. For the greying population, you should already be supplementing your diet with the right joint suppement.

All Link Bone & Joint Restoration is specially formulated with a blend of GAG & Collagen II, glucosamine, calcium and MSM to comprehensively support optimal bone and joint health. GAG & Collagen II is a natural protein that provides our body with structural support. It is part of the natural make-up of our tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, etc. Not only can it prevent loss of bone mass by retaining calcium in bones, but it can also repair and promote the growth of cartilages.

All Link Bone & Joint Restoration contains calcium and glucosamine in addition to GAG & Collagen II. This unique formulation works to facilitate absorption by bones and joints, making it unnecessary to take three separate supplements. The calcium in these capsules comes from the soluble calcium ascorbate, making it more easily assimilated into the bone. In addition, All Link Bone & Joint Restoration also contains Vitamin C from plant sources for better absorption into the body, naturally. Therefore, it does not cause constipation.

Together, these 4 ingredients work synergistically to ensure maximum benefits for an optimal bone and joint health. This product is especially beneficial for those with joint pains.

How to use:
2 capsules each time, twice a day. To be taken before food. (For better effects, please avoid Caffeine 30 minutes before and after)

Target age:
(Suitable only for 18 and above) 30 years and above or those tho already have joint pain. Especially those who frequently exercise which will increase the friction / wear & tear in their joints like marathon runners, cyclists, gym goers & golf players etc.  Or can be targeted to buy for their parents (40 years and above)


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Retail Price: $38 for 60 capsules & $110 for 200 capsules
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Sample Set Includes: 1 bottle of 20 capsules x Bone & Joint Restoration
Sample Size: 1-Week Supply
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Gloria He
Joined: Nov 2015
2 review(s)

- 28 Dec, 2016

my mother says she does not have any special feeling after taking this medicine

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Kenny Ng
Joined: Nov 2015
26 review(s)

- 8 Dec, 2016

Great product. Can see the effect after using the generous sample. Have even bought 2 big bottles from unity after that. Highly recommenced to those who have joint pain.

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January Joy Harder
Joined: Nov 2015
23 review(s)

- 4 Dec, 2016

It could be that I stopped using it after I have finished the bottle so the effect is not really felt.

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Sim Ding Chao
Joined: Nov 2015
5 review(s)

- 4 Nov, 2016

The capsules are easy to consume but the effects are not instantaneous as this is a product that should be consumed over a long period of time to really see the effects.

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Naashiah Binte farik
Joined: Nov 2015
10 review(s)

- 16 Sep, 2016


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