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Sean Lum

On 05 Sep 2020

Camellia Oil

Good product

I felt that the oil taste clean and seems healthy too, will recommend. Good product.

Celine Foo

On 19 Aug 2020

Camellia Oil

Awesome product!!

My family likes this because it is natural and organic. We used it for cooking.

Vanessa Chan

On 21 Jul 2020

Camellia Oil

Thumbs up

Great product, first trial , will use again thumbs up


On 13 Jul 2020

Camellia Oil

Camellia oil

Very fluid and oily with a strong nutty fragrance.


On 04 Jul 2020

Camellia Oil

Cooking Oil

Healthier choice of oil used for cooking. Good choice to stay healthy.


On 04 Jul 2020

Camellia Oil


Excellent .very good product . Worth trying . I would highly recommend


On 22 Jun 2020

Camellia Oil


Healthy oil and taste good with stir fry dishes

Khoo Han Sheng

On 05 Jun 2020

Camellia Oil

Awesome bottle of oil

Pretty good bottle of oil, can consider buying it for use if you like it.

Ng sue ann

On 27 May 2020

Camellia Oil

Nice taste

Nice sachets sample for simply try. can use it raw and great taste

xiao lin

On 23 May 2020

Camellia Oil


used for cooking, food taste nicer and healthier