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Pleasant Smell/taste(32.3%)
Fresh Breath(27.7%)
No Fluoride(24.6%)
Whiten Teeth(15.4%)



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Yihan Lim Influencer

On 26 Apr 2018

Not too bad

After trying the product, I find that it is a good toothpaste and it reached my expectation. There is not too much taste to it.

annie foo Member

On 17 May 2018

red seal propolis toothpaste

nice toothpaste to try. cleans and fresh. will consider purchase

Yvonne Khung Member

On 15 May 2018

Awesome ~

Pleasant smell/taste. i will purchase this product after trying out.

Li DeJun Member

On 08 May 2018

lathers well, taste naise, seems gentle on gums...

lathers well, taste naise, seems gentle on gums...

Helice Chan Member

On 07 May 2018

Awesome Product!!!!

The toothpaste arrived at the perfect time as I had an ulcer just starting and had bleeding gums again. First thing I noticed was how good it tasted while it had the mint taste of most toothpaste it wasn't overpowering. The texture was also a winner for me it wasn't chalky or grainy like most toothpaste. After using it for a few days my gums stopped bleeding which is another big plus for me! Since using it I have also noticed less plaque build-up and my mouth and teeth feel fresher than ever.

Zerlina Member

On 17 Apr 2018

Weird taste in the mouth

As an all-natural product, the colour of the toothpaste is rather unappealing. The clay-looking toothpaste puts me off somehow. The weird taste in the mouth does not help either. The honey is not strong but the toothpaste is slightly sweet. At the same time, the toothpaste is minty too. So the taste I get in the mouth is that of a subtly sweet minty clay toothpaste. It is also less refreshing as compared to other kinds of toothpaste such as the Darlie one which I also redeemed to try.