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Celeste Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

This beauty powder have made my life much easier. Its pretty easy to use and quite interesting. Conveniently, i can just stuffs a few caps into my toiletries bag and bring it along for my overseas trip since its very light and small . It deeply cleanses my skin without leaving my skin dry and too tight. Even though it is not a scrub but i feel that it is effective in exfoliating my dead skin with its unique ingredients. My skin feel really smoother and hydrated after each wash

Ivy Lim Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018


This face powder is surprisingly good in my opinion after trying them out. It leave my skin feeling really refreshing and smooth after wash. I also observed that it helps in removing my dead skin cell and white / black heads too.

Felicia Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

Cleanses well!

The fine powder cleanses deep within my pores without stripping of my skin's moisturise. Love how clean and smooth my face felt after.

Annabel Yeo Influencer

On 13 Sep 2018

Pleasant surprise

Frankly, really really loved this product. Appreciate that each capsule measures out neatly how much product is needed, making each wash fuss-free. More importantly, I loved the after-feeling after washing my face! My skin felt really clean, without feeling like the product had stripped away the moisture from my face. Truly the first I’ve experienced and I’ve since went on to purchase a box for myself!

Elaine Liao Influencer

On 07 Sep 2018

Light on the skin

Light on the skin, doesn't leave my skin oily after washing. 1 capsule is sufficient for 2 washes.

Eve Chan Member

On 25 Sep 2018

Afer use , face is not so dry

After trying the product,, face is not too dry. But it is not practical to provide the powder in small package.

Phyllis Seet Member

On 25 Sep 2018

Good face wash

A very good face wash. Feel my skin so clean and smooth.

yang xin Member

On 25 Sep 2018

Facial cleanser review

Feels like normal facial cleansers, smells nice but it leaves skin very smooth after in comparison to other facial products. I think its inconvenient if I have to open a capsule every time I wash my face.

Joanna Tan Soo Poh Member

On 25 Sep 2018

Powder cleaner

Face feel soft and very clean after using this cleansing powder, will recommend to others

Sally Ng Member

On 25 Sep 2018

Like pearl powder

This powder brighten up my face and works similar like pearl powder