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Designed For Sensitive Skin(35.7%)
Fragrance- And Colour-free(29.0%)



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Yihan Lim Influencer

On 26 Apr 2018

Good and moisturizing

After trying the product, I find that it is a good body soap and mosturizing. However as it is made for sensitive skin, I find the price point rather high for a body soap but definitely recommend it!

Alicia Influencer

On 22 Jan 2018

Awesome cleanser!

Moisturises and hydrates my skin! Great for sensitive skin as it doesn't dry the skin.

Felicia Influencer

On 22 Jan 2018

Gentle yet effective cleanser

Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight. Would recommend this cleanse to people with sensitive skin.

Rani Budiarto Influencer

On 19 Jan 2018

Great Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

Highly recommended for sensitive skin and it does great job in moisturizing my skin too!! Great body wash!

LeTing Influencer

On 12 Dec 2017

Good for sensitive skin!

My favorite part of this product are that it's fragrance free and it doesn't cause any irritation to my skin.

Magdelene Member

On 18 Jul 2018

QV gentle wash

The wash is very mild and leaves my skin nice and smooth and my skin feels moisturised.

Wen Shuhui Member

On 16 Jul 2018

Gentle body wash for all ages.

it is very gentle for my skin and importantly it is fragrance free. I really love it.

Michelle Member

On 16 Jul 2018

Shower gel

My skin feel softer and smoother after using this product.

Johnson Member

On 16 Jul 2018

Body shower gel

My skin feel smoother and softer after using this shower gel.

Eann Toh Member

On 13 Jul 2018

great product

you should try - great product non-irritable and gentle to skin