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Yejimiin Mild Herb Cotton Touch (Medium) Out Of Stock

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5 types of oriental herbs powder, Mugwort, Motherwort, Houttuynia, Peppermint and Angelica are used to eliminate menstrual odor.

Breathable Air Clean and Smooth Cottony Cover makes you feel more comfortable on that dayside Leakage-Proof Line prevents leaks from all sides.

How to use:
Depends on your flow. For heavier flow, we recommend changing pads more often

Non woven fabric(polyethylene/polypropylene composite fiber, titanium oxide:label), Nonwoven fabric(polyethylene/polypropylene composite fiber:support), Artemisia herb /Korean angelca root/Mint/Motherwort/Eoseongcho/Acrylic acid sodium acrylate copolymer(Surface pulp,Acrylic acid sodium acrylate copolymer,Artemisia herb,Korean angelica root,Mint,Motherwort,Eosenongcho:Support Absorber),Absorbent polymer(Surface pulp,Acrylic acid sodium acrylate copolymer:Absorber), Polyethylene flim(Polyethylene,Calcium carbonate,Titanium oxide:Waterproof layer), Hot melt(Styrene/Butadine copolymer,Petroleum resin,Parafin,Antioxidant:Adhesive layer)

Suitable for:
All cycle sisters out there on their monthly periods

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25cm/18 pieces / SGD$5.90

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