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Serenaz Natural Sea Water Nasal Spray (Pediatric) Sample

(Retail Size of 30ml)


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Serenaz Natural Sea Water Nasal Spray is an isotonic solution to cleanse and hydrate babies' nasal cavities.

Serenaz Natural Sea Water Nasal Spray is suitable for babies (0 years+):
- For daily nasal hygiene to keep cavities clean and facilitate nose blowing
- To remove mucus and help breathing
- To reduce allergies by washing away allergens
- For runny, stuffy and dry nose

- 100% pure sea water from Class A area from The Bay of Cancale in Brittany, France
- Rich in minerals and trace elements
- Free from chemicals, additives and preservatives
- Works naturally
- Gentle and hygienic (non-propellant spray with removable nozzle for washing)
- Use anytime and anywhere

How to use:
Use 2-6 times a day or as often as possible.
1. Lay baby down on his/her side or sit up with baby’s head tilted to one side.
2. Prime the spray by briefly pressing the nozzle.
3. Gently insert the tip into 1 nostril.
4. Press the spray head.
5. Ensure any excess solution runs out before wiping the nose. Repeat these steps in the other nostril.
6. Clean the tip by rinsing with water. Dry and cover with the protective cap.

Sea water 30% (sodium chloride 0.9%) and purified water

Suitable for:
For babies (0 years+)

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Expiry Date:
30 Nov 2023

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