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UIC Natural Plus Ultra Concentrated Laundry Liquid Detergent (Fresh Scent) Santa Box

(Sample Size of 80g)

UIC Natural Plus

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Sample is part of Secret Santa Gift Box. To redeem, please head to Secret Santa Giveaway Page to register interest for the box. Limited stocks available.

UIC Natural Plus Ultra Concentrated Laundry Liquid Detergent has 3 times cleaning power and advanced nano fast cleaning technology to keep your clothes fresh and clean.

- 100% plant-based active, this eco-friendly, bio-degradable, and sustainable product requires lesser dosage per application.
- Easy to rinse, saves water, and gentle on hands, UIC Natural Plus Ultra Concentrated Laundry Liquid Detergent (Fresh Scent) gives you an ultra clean laundry with just a splash of detergent.
- Packed with phthalates-free White Jasmine & English Pear fragrance, it leaves your laundry fresh and clean. Does not contain optical brighteners.
-Suitable for indoor drying.

How to use:
Pour UIC Natural Plus laundry liquid detergent into detergent dispenser drawer in your washing machine

Plant-based surfactants, water soluble colour dye, phthalates-free fragrance, preservatives. (Does not contain hazardous chemical)

Suitable for:
Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines

Where to buy:
FairPrice & FairPrice OnlineSheng Siong & Sheng Siong OnlineRedmartShopee Supermarket


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