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Christa Tuna focuses on Asian Flavoured Tuna. This variant of our tuna is HOT. It is addictive but it will make you sweat!
We recommend enjoying this tuna directly on warm rice. And a bottle of water just in case.

- Ready-to-eat & Halal Certified
- No Preservatives, no MSG
- Rich in flavour, made with real spices & chilies

How to use:
- Pour the drained tuna into a bowl

- Heat up in microwave or on stove
- Serve with steamed rice

Tuna, Red Chili, Soybean Oil, Shallot, Garlic, Palm Sugar, Tomato Paste, Candle Nut, Basil Leaves, Sugar , Salt, Tamarind, Lemongrass, Curcuma, Ginger, Lime Leaves.

Suitable for:
Spicy lovers of all ages

Where to buy:
Waroeng Indo (Lucky Plaza #03-41)

Soma Coffee (8 Enggor St #01-03 Skysuites@Anson)


SGD 2.50 / tin

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