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Christa Tuna focuses on Asian Flavoured Tuna. Inspired by Padang, a region in Sumatra where many Indonesian famous dishes are from, this flavour is a popular choice by many. Being mildly spicy, you don't need to worry that you'll sweat.

- Ready-to-eat & Halal Certified
- No Preservatives
- No MSG

How to use:
- Pour the drained tuna into a bowl

- Heat up in microwave or on stove
- Serve with steamed rice

Tuna, Soybean Oil, Green Chili, Shallot, Garlic, Red Chili, Sugar, Fish Sauce (Anchovy fish, Salt, Sugar, Water), Salt, White Pepper, Bay Leaves.

Suitable for:
All ages except kids due to mild spicyness

Where to buy:
Waroeng Indo (Lucky Plaza #03-41)

Soma Coffee (8 Enggor St #01-03 Skysuites@Anson)


SGD 2.50 / tin

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