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ADV Purify Shampoo
A gentle scalp cleanser purifies the scalp by removing dandruff flakes and sebum clogs, leaving it thoroughly refreshed and reinvigorated. The calming formula also soothes itching and irritation that result from dandruff.

ADV Purify Tonic
A rebalancing scalp tonic that helps to normalise the scalp’s natural sebum production to prevent greasiness. It reduces the rate at which dead skin cells on the scalp flake and shed, and eliminates bacteria and micro-organisms that cause dandruff, helping to prevent the condition.

ADV Purify Shampoo 
How to Use:
Wet hair and apply shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly.

ADV Purify Tonic
How to Use:
Shake well before use. Section hair and apply tonic on towel-dried scalp. Massage scalp with fingertips. Leave on. Use daily.

ADV Purify Shampoo
• Rice Stem Cells
o Promotes scalp circulation
• Ribwort Plantain Extract
o Anti-inflammatory that calms itchiness
• Salicylic Acid
o Removes sebum clogs and dandruff flakes

ADV Purify Tonic
• Patent 5 Complex
o Promotes scalp health
• Lotus Stem Cells
o Heals and strengthens hair follicles
• Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract
o Anti-inflammatory 
• Licorice Root Extract

o Prevents dandruff and greasy odours

Target age:
21 & Above

Where to buy:
PHS HAIRSCIENCE® LABs & CAPSULEs, Takashimaya L3, Robinsons, SASA, KrisShop, Zalora, Red Mart, Shopee, Lazada


Retail price:
$48 per 200ml shampoo
$108 per 100ml tonic

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Overall Rating


4.4 RATING(S), 661 REVIEW(S)


Very Good
  • Anni
  • On Mon, Oct 21, 2019

    The product is really soothing as stated and feels comfortable after use.

  • Cynthia Cleopatra Loh
  • On Tue, Oct 22, 2019

    The color of the shampoo was not pleasant to look at which is not an issue actually.... A little fragrant! There was a very strong mint feeling on the scalp which made the scalp very comfortable but the hair felt not smooth with friction during rinsing. The tonic spray was easy to use, it left a soothing feeling on the scalp. Overall and after that, the hair is completely cleaned and looks great.

  • Edmund Chuang
  • On Tue, Oct 22, 2019

    After using product, feels fresh and clean. The after effect is good. My hair not that oily anymore

  • Saya Teh
  • On Wed, Oct 23, 2019

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV SOOTHE RANGE is soothing and refleshing!

  • Ong TY
  • On Wed, Oct 23, 2019

    After trying this product, heals and restores balance to irritated and sensitive scalp, improves blood circulation to hair roots.