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LANEIGE Collagen Drink is formulated with low molecular weight fish collagen that can be easily absorbed and natural extracts from red orange and pomegranate that are rich in anti-oxidants for radiant and moisturized skin.

The LANEIGE Collagen drink contains only 25kcal and has a 3-free formula without artificial colouring, preservatives and sugar.

Replenish your skin with this daily essential for beautiful skin from within!

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How to use: Collagen drink can be drank anytime in the day but we would recommend drinking in the morning for a radiant start to the day!
According to a clinical test on healthy adult females, drinking on bottle a day is sufficient, However, people who need intensive skin care (Eg: right before a wedding) can drink 2 bottles a day.

EXP 30-03-2018

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