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(1 Sample Pack Containing: - 1 Kotex Soft® Air Day Pad 23cm - 1 Kotex Soft® Air Night Pad 28cm)


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Kotex Soft® Air is the THINNEST pad ever^!

Providing all the leak protection you need in one 0.8mm# SUPER ULTRATHIN sheet, you will hardly notice this pad on your period.

The 3D Rapid Absorb Core absorbs 50x ~ liquid instantly, so you can say goodbye to sudden gushes and hello dryness! Plus, the airy Micro-Dri Cover promotes air circulation, giving you the freshness you need. 

# Approximately 0.8mm absorbent sheet

^ Based on comparison of absorbent cores within Kotex Soft® range only.
~ Polymers are able to absorb 50x liquid of its own weight

How to use: 
Depends on your flow. For heavier flow, we recommend changing pads more often.

Suitable for:
All cycle sisters out there on their monthly periods

Target age:
Young girls to adults

Where to buy:
Kotex Soft® Air is available at all leading retailers islandwide


Retail price:
$5.95 per pack

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Type: Sample



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