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GermAway Flushable Toilet Seat Covers Out Of Stock

(1 pack of 10 sheets)


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- 10 Sheets Per Pack - Buy 5 Packs, 1 Pack Free
- Handy pocket size packs and flushable after use
- 100% virgin wood pulp, safe and eco-friendly
- Much better alternative to lining toilet paper on toilet seats to reduce risk of transmission of germs and bacteria
- Special design reduces germ-filled water from splashing back on your skin
- Perfect for daily use and for travelling
- 'Touch-less' design removes the need to touch the seat cover, flushing motion will drag the seat cover down!

How to use:
Remove one cover from the packet , unclip the joints, and flush it down the toilet after use! Simple!

100% Virgin Wood Pulp

Suitable for:

Target age:
18 - 70

Where to buy:
Buy 5 Packs Get 1 Free (10 Sheets per Pack)


Retail price:
$10.40 for 6 packs

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