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- Removes stubborn stains from makeup, food, coffee, blood, pets, and stationery.
- Can be used to any type of fabric / material, including Cashmere, Linen, Cotton, Nylon, Wool, T-shirt, Jackets, Jeans, Carpets, and so on.
- Thanks to its anti-fading technology, the Blue Bottle Stain Remover can be used to the fabric of any color unlike other stain removers that can only be used on the white fabric.
- Uses natural orange oil to prevent any damage to the fabric when used.
- Contains only eco-friendly ingredients that it can even be used for baby clothes.
- Much more economic and faster solution than dry cleaning to remove a stubborn stain. It takes only a few minutes to remove a stain with several sprays of the product.

How to use:
- Use when the stain is soaked into fabric.
- Spray at least 4~5 times to the stain spot.
- Wait 4~5 minutes until the product is completely penetrated into the stain spot.
- Rub the sprayed area with a wet tissue or a toothbrush to remove the stain.
- If the stain still exists, spray the product a few more times, wait a few minutes, and do the laundry with the laundry machine. Doing so is the most direct way to completely remove a stain.

Surfactant 5% less than 10%(Anion),Orange oil, Purified water,Citric acid,
Acidity control agent, Detergent, Antiseptic, Natural incense

Suitable for:
Any type of fabric of any color

Target age:
18 and above

Where to buy:
Watsons,  NTUC, Guardian, SASA, BHG, Unity, Supermarkets

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