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①The product features Nano Cellactive, which contains Nano Boswellin Acid, i.e. dispersion of nano-sized particles of boswellin acid, using proprietary technology. It also features Nano Astaxanthin CP+, a composite ingredient of astaxanthin and tocopheryl nicotinate, formulated into nano-particles and dispersed, to restore radient glow and firmness to the skin.

② The orange-colored gel serum, when applied to the skin, reacts to the minute amount of salt on the skin surface, which changes the oil’s balance and turns it into liquid. Applied to the skin, it dissolves and penetrates into the skin, leaving it feeling replenished as if moisturizing cream has been applied.

â‘¢ Base tone of its fragrance is the refreshing Bergamot, combined with a hint of Rose Jasmin, spark of Musk, as well as woody and amber notes to create an elegant and graceful scent.

How to use: Daily morning and evening, take 2-3 pumps of the serum onto your pump and spread it evenly over face and neck.

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