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Jo Hanna Influencer

On 23 Oct 2017

Best serum ever

Love this product eversince. Been using the brand for 6 years and im always happy and contented with the results . highly recommended!!!

lim jia wei Influencer

On 09 Jun 2017

light liquid moisturizer and serum

quite good all round skincare product. Howver the price and which existing skincare product I would replace it with is questionable. good for people who do not use moisturizer.

Audrey Eng Influencer

On 10 Feb 2017

Awesome product

light weight serum and it is not greasy, or at least not greasy for my liking. lightly scented that makes me want to apply it more diligently.

Veronica Lau Influencer

On 24 Jan 2017

It is pretty moisturising and light-weight. I apply this after using my own toner so that my skin can absorb the serum to achieve this result

Adek MO Chuisle Influencer

On 12 Dec 2016

I will purchase the actual sizes soon after i finish using the trial product...

Angela Tan Member

On 09 Jun 2018

Best for oily skin

Suitable for oily skin types as it is not greasy and easily absorbed

Muhammad Nuh Member

On 02 Jun 2018

Skin type matters

As for me , this is like working some black magic honestly . I have a very very dry skin and this product just replenish all the moisture that my skin needed . So much love for this product and a sample bottle make last a long way

jo wheatley Member

On 12 May 2018

Good product

I really enjoyed the texture and smell. Unsure if it made much difference to the hydration of my dry skin but it did leave my skin very smooth.

NanaKo Fuz Member

On 28 Apr 2018

Not so effective.

After trying my skin feels softer and moisturized.

Emmeline Tan Member

On 28 Apr 2018

Light and moisturizing

feels light and moisturing to skin. Sample was also generous