NATULIQUE Hair colors have been designed with a focus on NATURAL ingredients but at the same time to give you that long lasting, full coverage, amazing and healthy hair. it is :

- 100% Ammonia free hair color
- 100% Lauryl Sulfate free
- 100% Parabens Free
- Gives 100% Grey hair coverage
- Derives from 98.02% natural sources
- Has a pleasant smell
- made with natural ingredients

If you choose Natulique, you will get a natural hair colour with less chemicals and better results.

During a Coloring process, not only Color Cream is required, but Activators (Hydrogen Peroxides) and sometimes Bleach / Whiteners are used. At NATULIQUE, Whiteners / Bleach is also 100% AMMONIA Free and Activators that are required to mix with Color cream are also AMMONIA free, which uses Lanolin as one of the ingredients for moisture to the hair.



Ingredients: Using natural and organic certified plants and flowers extracts.
Where to Buy: Locate a Salon (for NATULIQUE) :
Retail Price: Please contact : or messenger us on Facebook page.
Category: Hair beauty products
Sub Category: Organic hair colouring
Suitable for: All who wants beauty with healthier choice.
Targeted Gender: Both
Targeted Age: 18 & Above
Sample Set Includes: --
Sample Size: --
5/ 5

Overall Rating: (29)




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Contains A High % Of Natural & Organic Ingredients Extracts (23.7%)
No Ammonia Or Pungent Smell During Coloring (22.9%)
Gentle PH Level That Is Not Damaging To Hair (18.6%)
Color Range Availability (17.8%)
No Pain/itch On Scalp During Coloring (16.9%)

Overall Rating

Very good


Joined: Nov 2015
10 review(s)

- 22 Sep, 2017

Excellent service

This is actually my first time bleaching my hair with ammonia-free product. I am very satisfied with the end results :D Will definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a place to style their hair !! Get healthy and pretty hair here !

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Jaslynn Ng
Joined: Nov 2015
12 review(s)

- 7 Aug, 2017

J&J Hair Identity - NATULIQUE Hair Color

Enjoy awesome service and your very own personalized hairstyle at J&J Hair Identity! The NATULIQUE hair dyes and products will surprise you with its range of colors and quality. Best of all, there was completely no chemical smell and scalp tingling. Definitely recommended for those who are concerned with protecting your scalp and hair while dyeing!

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Xiu Zhen
Joined: Nov 2015
31 review(s)

- 20 Jul, 2017

Superb service, awesome product!

I am uber pleased with the product outcome! The color is perfect for work and my hair looks shiny and healthy and really soft and smooth to the touch! Service by Jac was great, and I'll definitely go back to him for more styling services!

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Joined: Nov 2015
7 review(s)

- 20 Jul, 2017

Totally recommend their hair treatment!!!

I am impressed by how soft and nourished my hair felt after the treatment! I didn't try out their colouring so I can't review that but I did try out their perm service. It is different from my previous perm experience. This perm has more layers of curls, adding more volume to the lower half of my hair. I was trying to cope with its frizziness at the initial start, and with their advice of applying hair oil and curling cream when I blow dry my hair at home, it is now more manageable.

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Elaine Loh
Joined: Nov 2015
3 review(s)

- 17 Jul, 2017

Great ambience and knowledgeable hairstylist!

My hair does not feel damaged or dry after dyeing! During the process, it was smooth and the dye does not itch or pain my scalp. There was no strong ammonia smell during the dyeing process as well!

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