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Contains A High % Of Natural & Organic Ingredients Extracts(23.6%)
No Ammonia Or Pungent Smell During Coloring(22.8%)
Gentle PH Level That Is Not Damaging To Hair(18.9%)
Color Range Availability(17.3%)
No Pain/itch On Scalp During Coloring(17.3%)



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Rachel Cheong Rui Yi Influencer

On 20 Oct 2017

Absolutely love the experience, and the color turned out good too.

With a sensitive scalp, chemical burns during the process of dying hair always make me feel extremely uncomfortable. As this product is made of mostly natural ingredients and none chemical substance, there was zero chemical burning sensation. This fact is enough to make me approve this product. I was also quite surprised at the color turn out as it was still distinctive although I did not bleach my hair. Also, the hair dye doesn't wash off as easily during the shampooing process..

Yoke Fong Influencer

On 17 Oct 2017

My Experience with Natulique Professional Organic Salon Hair Colours at J&J Hair Salon!

Its been almost a week now, the colour is still going strong (I use purple shampoo and conditioner to maintain the colour) and the texture of my hair was not compromised. It is still the same as before! I was a little worried that too much bleaching and dye so soon would affect my hair texture but I was wrong. Read more on!

Michelle Influencer

On 22 Sep 2017

Excellent service

This is actually my first time bleaching my hair with ammonia-free product. I am very satisfied with the end results :D Will definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a place to style their hair !! Get healthy and pretty hair here !

Jaslynn Ng Influencer

On 07 Aug 2017

J&J Hair Identity - NATULIQUE Hair Color

Enjoy awesome service and your very own personalized hairstyle at J&J Hair Identity! The NATULIQUE hair dyes and products will surprise you with its range of colors and quality. Best of all, there was completely no chemical smell and scalp tingling. Definitely recommended for those who are concerned with protecting your scalp and hair while dyeing!

Xiu Zhen Influencer

On 20 Jul 2017

Superb service, awesome product!

I am uber pleased with the product outcome! The color is perfect for work and my hair looks shiny and healthy and really soft and smooth to the touch! Service by Jac was great, and I'll definitely go back to him for more styling services!

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