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Sim Jia Lin Isabel Influencer

On 14 Apr 2018

Great Product!

Great product invention for a lightweight travel. Syringes are easy to clean and lightweight to travel around for a one day gym use or one night use for our essentials or skincare.

Ivy Lim Influencer

On 08 Apr 2018

Difficult to use

This product maybe portable to bring along during travel. But it's difficult to understand and use for me. Would rather use a normal same portable bottle instead.

Joanna Chan Influencer

On 25 Mar 2018

Innovative but not really practical.

This product is not working out for me. 1. Instructions were in Chinese so I have no idea how to use it and what are the extra things used for? 2. If the syringe is filled then it won't be able to fit into the plastic container it came with. No big deal. 3. It works fine for liquid stuff but not creams and when you try to remove the air, some product spurt out. 4. Cleaning, it comes with a brush so the tube is not so much of an issue but the nozzle is.

Alicia Influencer

On 09 Mar 2018

Love the convenience!

The product is really easy to use and great for traveling.

Felicia Influencer

On 09 Mar 2018

Convenient & Easy To Use

Love how I can transfer my skincare products into these smaller bottles so I that I don't have to carry the big bottles around.

Alisha Lee Member

On 17 Jul 2018


Geat for travel use. Compact and portable to use. Perfect to toner or liquid makeup remover.

SHirley Member

On 14 Jul 2018

travel size tubes

Don't fancy it. Products are hard to transfer from actual packaging, causing some wastage in the process too.

Claire Member

On 14 Jul 2018

Awesome product

Good a d convenient for usage when travelling. The product is portable.

Elaine Wang Member

On 10 Jul 2018

Cute and awesome

Cute and awesome product, it's very useful and easy to bring along for holiday...

Siew Guek Ong Member

On 09 Jul 2018

Very cute packaging

I like this cos it makes it easier and convenient for me to store my liquid products to bring for travel.