Merck Sangobion Femine


Sangobion Femine is an iron supplement specially formulated with Metafolin. It is an active form of folic acid designed for better, faster absorption*, that supports the production of red blood cells which transport oxygen around your body. It helps to maintain healthy iron levels in your body and sustain vitality throughout your period.     
When should I take Sangobion Femine?
Taking Sangobion Femine is so convenient.
You just need to take one tablet a day - 3 days before, during, and 3 days after your period. Now, you can continue doing the things you want to do, be it work, play or even exercise.
* Individual response varies


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Retail Price: $22.10/box of 30 capsules; Introductory RSP : $19.90 (MAHS1400336)
Category: Supplement
Sub Category: Health
Suitable for: --
Targeted Gender: Female
Targeted Age: 18-49 year old with active lifestyle
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Sample Set Includes: 1 sample pack of 6 capsules
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Convenient (50.3%)
Easy To Swallow (49.0%)
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Very good


Joined: Nov 2015
2 review(s)

- 27 Sep, 2017

Review on Sangobion Iron Supplement

As i usually have low iron levels issue due to heavy periods, hence i was recommended by doctors to take Sangobion to boost up my iron levels. The supplement is easy to take, no weird taste of whatever and it has definitely helped to boost up my iron levels within a few months period. Will recommend to my female friends who faced issues on low iron levels to take Sangobion!

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Juliana Ng
Joined: Nov 2015
5 review(s)

- 24 Sep, 2017

Too little to feel any difference

It didn't have much effect on me as the amount was too little

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Poh Jieying
Joined: Nov 2015
7 review(s)

- 15 Sep, 2017

Good and convenient

Purchase this retail size of this product,helps when giddy.

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Selvi Ghosh
Joined: Nov 2015
1 review(s)

- 2 Sep, 2017

Best iron supplement that does not cause any constipation, or side effects of any kind. love it so

This is the best iron supplement. I have always had the regular Sangobion capsules but glad that they now have a version for periods time. Unlike most pills that comes in bottles in loose form I love that the sangobion pills comes in individually sealed alluminum strip to ensure freshness and potency of the capsule.

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E. Zhang
Joined: Nov 2015
20 review(s)
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- 30 Aug, 2017

Merck Sangobion Femine

As I have thalassemia which is hereditary from my mother's side, I am frequently low on blood levels. It gets even worse whenever I have my menses, I just feel like a bloodless vampire moping around. When I first heard of this product, I was really curious and hence decided to give this product a try. After trying out this product for a week, I feel much better.I don't feel so tired in the day, my dizziness from lack of blood doesn't occur too much as well. All in all, a good product for me

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