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Killing 99.9% Bacteria From The Inside(25.0%)
Natural Deodorizing Extracts(25.0%)
Penetrates Deeply Into Fabric Fibers(25.0%)
Suitable For Hard-to-wash Fabrics(25.0%)



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Ng Chiou Ling Influencer

On 13 Jan 2018

Everything is just a spray away!

This is one of the best inventions for us who does housework. All the cleaning in the house so a chore especially the laundry. Ever since I get to know this spray, it saved me the trouble of washing my stuff toys and curtains. The mist is fine but strong, and covers a big area. According to MagiClean, it kills 99.9% of the bacteria on the fabric and deep in. Not forgetting that it comes with different scent and my favourite is the flora scent, which is known as Pure Blossom. So much love!

Gerlyn Ong Influencer

On 11 Dec 2017

Smell is refreshing and easy to use

I am always finding the best solution to clean my fabric sofa, mattress and pillow but the best I could do is to sun them. Now with Magiclean Fabric Freshener, I can always keep them smelling fresh and clean and of course, bacteria-free!

Rei Yang Influencer

On 10 Dec 2017

Fresh smelling!

Easy to use. Hassle free product. Affordable. Fresh smelling. Saves me the trouble to wash and sun my fabric items. Especially good for hard to clean items like soft toys.

Siti Nur Habibah Influencer

On 10 Dec 2017

It is super convenient!

It is super convenient especially when it comes to cleaning hard-to-wash items at home, of course this includes my daughter's fluffy soft toys and our queen-sized mattress! It is also suitable for applying on all types of clothing to prevent any musty smell; this includes getting rid of food and cigarette smells! This has honestly make my life so much easier! I’m spending lesser time airing my daughter’s soft toys and stroller seat, carpets and curtains, and not forgetting shoes!

Yan Teng Influencer

On 08 Dec 2017

Magiclean Fabric Freshener

Due to my busy schedule I do not have the luxury of time to change my cushion cover weekly. Magiclean Fabric Freshener has been a great help to me to keep my cushion fresh and smells great.

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