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Killing 99.9% Bacteria From The Inside(25.0%)
Natural Deodorizing Extracts(25.0%)
Penetrates Deeply Into Fabric Fibers(25.0%)
Suitable For Hard-to-wash Fabrics(25.0%)



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Gerlyn Ong Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

Smell is refreshing and easy to use

I am always finding the best solution to clean my fabric sofa, mattress and pillow but the best I could do is to sun them. Now with Magiclean Fabric Freshener, I can always keep them smelling fresh and clean and of course, bacteria-free!

Yan Teng Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

Magiclean Fabric Freshener

Due to my busy schedule I do not have the luxury of time to change my cushion cover weekly. Magiclean Fabric Freshener has been a great help to me to keep my cushion fresh and smells great.

honey lim Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

Awesome handy product

After trying this product, This baby got to be real gem for mummy like me, so convenient, so good, ease my piece of mind that my son will easily fall sick due to all the germs around the toys.

Pearly Tan Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

Let Kao Magiclean Fabric Freshener freshen your living space

I love the ergonomically design, easy to grip bottle which makes spraying the product a breeze. The scent fills up my living room making my home smell so clean, fresh and welcoming. Its great for emergency times when you have a guest coming last minute, or your Mother in law decides to pop by to give you a surprise. Give your living space a refreshing scent boost too, especially if you keep pets at home like me.

Xinyi Lai Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

Love It!

After trying this product, I instantly fell in love with it! It smells so good, yet not overwhelming for my sensitive nose. The mists are so fine and has a larger coverage so you don't have to spray too much.

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