BRAND'S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence


Experience collagen at its finest with BRAND’S® InnerShine® latest breakthrough innovation - RubySignature formula. Unlike normal collagen, RubySignature formula is created with a unique and precious blend of ingredients derived from natural sources. It contains micro-collagen which replenishes collagen to retain skin suppleness and one of Mother Nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant, Astaxanthin (micro-algae extract) to keep skin firm.

Why choose this product?

In 6 weeks*, experience skin rejuvenating power

Micro-collagen supplies skin with collagen to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity.

Astaxanthin protects against collagen degradation to allow for proper skin cell turnover. It also supports healthy cellular metabolism by promoting microcirculation, thereby effectively delivering collagen and other skin nutrients to the skin cells.

How to use:
Take 1 - 2 bottles daily. Best taken chilled.
This product should be consumed straight after opening.

*Yamashita, E. (2006) The effects of a dietary supplement containing Astaxanthin on skin condition. Carotenoid Science 10:91-95. Base on regular consumption of 2 bottles daily.



Ingredients: Each bottle contains Collagen 3000mg, Astaxanthin 2mg
Where to Buy: BRAND'S® E-Store or call the below to order through phone: BRAND'S® Customer Care 1800 732 4748
Retail Price: $62.90/12 bottles
Category: Supplement
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Suitable for: Age 25 & above
Targeted Gender: Both
Targeted Age: Age 25 & above
Sample Set Includes: 1 bottle per member
Sample Size: NA
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No Fishy Taste (20.6%)
Appetizing (19.8%)
Convenience (19.4%)
Nourishing (15.8%)
Radiance (13.9%)

Moisturizing (10.4%)

Overall Rating

Very good


Lena Kwok
Joined: Nov 2015
45 review(s)

- 22 Mar, 2017

BRAND'S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence

Tastes pleasant but perhaps need to drink continuously to determine if there are any beneficial effects.

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Jessie Quek
Joined: Nov 2015
5 review(s)

- 22 Mar, 2017

Glowing from within with BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence!

As we age, our collagen level drops. Collagen is necessary as it supports the skin's foundation. It also improves firmness, elasticity and youthfulness of the skin. It is not enough to rely on application of creams and gels as they are only beneficial to the primary layer of our skin. Oral intake of collagen has a far more powerful effect and enable us to start glowing from within! I am glad to add this holistic treat as part of my beauty regime.

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Joined: Nov 2015
14 review(s)

- 21 Mar, 2017

Love the taste........ No weird taste at all...

Loving the taste....Will definitely purchase it....... . Recommended to ppl out there!!!!!!!!.......

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Tan Cheaun
Joined: Nov 2015
22 review(s)

- 19 Mar, 2017

is taste nice when it chill


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Cleo Ong
Joined: Nov 2015
11 review(s)

- 19 Mar, 2017

Pleasant taste.

I have always wanted to try Brands innershine. Pleasant taste. Slight sour but acceptable. Will buy more. Hope to see promotion or free gifts tied to this product in supermarket.

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