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Tiffany Lim Influencer

On 11 Sep 2018

Acne pad that literally sucks (all your acne)!

Some of the acnes are hard and you can see the yellow pus on the surface yet when you squeeze it, nothing is out. Don't hurt your skin! Use this acne patch, it can suck out that acne and caused no scar. This pimple patch can't be used when the acne is not fully riped, so wait till the yellow pus come out. Otherwise, it will harden the acne below the surface and caused the acne to stuck underneath your skin! Lastly, this is thinner than most of the acne patch I used!

Felicia Influencer

On 04 Sep 2018


The is the best acne patch that I've ever used. It's so thin and invisible. And it works in absorbing the acne pus.

Alicia Influencer

On 19 Jul 2018

Best acne patch!

Have been using other acne patch that isn't really invisible but this product is game changing. I can conceal my acne easily with this acne patch cause its really thin and invisible. And it works in absorbing the pus.

Rani Budiarto Influencer

On 18 Jul 2018

Great Pimple Patch

It comes with container that make it easy to bring everywhere. It doesn't irritate my skin and does great job on my pimples. Its great also because it prevent me from keep touching my pimple with dirty fingers.

Amabel Lim Influencer

On 03 Jul 2018

So-so product

Product does not seem to do what it claims in "sucking" pimple gunk out

kai Member

On 20 Sep 2018

Works wonders

Best to use it overnight. Very thin sheet and can hardly been seen if covered with a bit of makeup.

Alena Tan Member

On 14 Sep 2018

Not effective

Not impressed with the results. Will not use it again

Kris Ang Member

On 14 Sep 2018


The size is right and near to skin tone. Easy to use and remove

Gan Chloe Member

On 06 Sep 2018

Good products

Tried on my pimple with this acne pad. Not really easy to use as it's still visible after applying make up. But it did help to prevent my pimple from getting all the dirt caused by the makeup or pollutants.

Jin Member

On 06 Sep 2018

Awesome Product!

This is really effective for pimples. Normally during that time of the month, i will have pimple outbreak on my chin area. i will stick 1 of this acne patch on my chin and proceed to do my make up.