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Nicole Influencer

On 12 Sep 2018

Additive snack!

Very delicious! Generous filling with crunchy puff

Felicia Influencer

On 04 Sep 2018

Love this snack!

Really addictive and yummy snack that you can't just stop at one.

Rani Budiarto Influencer

On 03 Aug 2018

Best Milk Snacks!!!

It taste just like the real cream puff, its crunchy and the creamy milk filling taste great too!! It comes in perfect snack bites and the only downside thing is I wish it comes in bigger size lol!! Need to get more of this!!!

Stephanie Law Influencer

On 31 Jul 2018

Did not expect these to be so good!!

When I first received these I didn't think this would be a snack that I'd like but gosh was I wrong! These milk puffs are delicious! They have a crunchy choux pastry-like shell and have a creamy sweet and smooth filling which is very much like white chocolate. It's just like eating mini crunchy cream puffs and is a great snack to fulfill those sweet cravings!

Kathy Influencer

On 24 Jul 2018

A great snack!

The outside is crunchy and flaky, making it airy and not too dense. The milk cream inside is smooth and flavorful, yet not too sweet. Great balance of flavors, this makes for a wonderful snack! Each puff is not too big either so you won't feel guilty popping a few into your mouth!

Elvinia Member

On 20 Sep 2018

Great Taiwanesw product

I m impressed with this product. Crunchy yet light crust. Not too sweet but yet tasty.

Kelly Member

On 19 Sep 2018

Awesome product

Very convenient and tasty snack. Sweetness is just right.

Jacky Tan Member

On 19 Sep 2018

Awesome product

The puff taste just nice and like that crust is crunchy. Not too sweet and very convenient snack.

Angie Cha Member

On 19 Sep 2018

Awesome product

Very nice snack and not too sweet. Very convenient, will recommend.

Vivien Tan Member

On 19 Sep 2018

Awesome product

The cream is just nice, not too sweet when eaten together with the crust. Like the taste, very nice snack. Will recommend.