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Amabel Lim Influencer

On 14 Sep 2019

Review for I-MEI Puff (Milk)

Interesting product

Pretty interesting product and taste overall.

Taniah Lahh Influencer

On 16 Jan 2019

Review for I-MEI Puff (Milk)

Deliciously, satisfyingly good!

It's so good!! The puff is crispy with a sweet and soft milky filling thus, a plus point from me because you won't find any soggy cream puffs in there! It's a ready to eat snack and good to be kept in your offices or pantry. However, it's very sweet personally for me but the taste of the milk is not overpowering but like a mixture of custard puff and milk. I kept it for days before consuming and the puff was still in good shape and crispy! I'd recommend this if you're going out for movies too.

Dil Skarsgård Influencer

On 01 Nov 2018

Review for I-MEI Puff (Milk)

The cream puff daddy taste super yummy!

The cream puff daddy is so crunchy but soft on the inside. It taste so good, you won't stop til' you drop . Perfect for snack time. It goes well with coffee or tea, even the Queen would agree.

Kathy Influencer

On 01 Nov 2018

Review for I-MEI Puff (Milk)

A great snack!

The outside is crunchy and flaky, making it airy and not too dense. The milk cream inside is smooth and flavorful, yet not too sweet. Great balance of flavors, this makes for a wonderful snack! Each puff is not too big either so you won't feel guilty popping a few into your mouth!

Nicole Influencer

On 01 Nov 2018

Review for I-MEI Puff (Milk)

Additive snack!

Very delicious! Generous filling with crunchy puff

Lynn Wong Member

On 04 Oct 2019

Review for I-MEI Puff (Milk)

Overall too sweet

After trying the product, i find the item too sweet. But kids would love it cos of the milk flavour

Priya Nagawah Member

On 15 Sep 2019

Review for I-MEI Puff (Milk)

Nice snack

This is a very nice product, perfect for snacking at any time of the day. A little sweet, so i had take it with coffee or tea without sugar added to balance.

Yeo Member

On 13 Sep 2019

Review for I-MEI Puff (Milk)

Imei puffs

Really love it. Delucious snack that is so so so tasty

Adeline lim Member

On 06 Sep 2019

Review for I-MEI Puff (Milk)

Nice good

Good. Taste milky. Crust is there. Small mouth bite size

James Li Member

On 03 Sep 2019

Review for I-MEI Puff (Milk)

can't resist!

Puff is one of I Mei best selling prodcuts, a crunchy puff with smooth creamy filling. An unforgettable delicacy that no one can resist.

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