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Smooth To The Touch (After Dry)(29.2%)
Moisturizing (After Dry)(27.3%)
Overall Damage Repair Effect (After Dry)(22.6%)
Shiny (After Dry)(20.9%)



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Yunzi Influencer

On 11 Feb 2018

Lovely smell

I have the product especially the smell. Hair is visibly softer after using the hair mask.

Chen Member

On 19 Feb 2018

Smells great

Product smells great! The shampoo was average but the conditioner felt quite good for my slightly damaged and coloured hair.

Weiting Member

On 18 Feb 2018

Love the product

My mom used to buy me a honey shampoo when i was young, I love the smell of the honey. Keep finding the similar shampoo but no longer on market. Tried the shampoo, the smell of the honey is not as strong as the shampoo I was finding but the shampoo is gentle for the scalp. After washing, my hair feel silky smooth. The conditioner honey smell is the same smell i was finding. Love the conditioner and definitely recommended and buy! Thumb up!

Nurin Syakirah Member

On 17 Feb 2018

Best shampoo product tried :)

I’ve tried plenty of shampoo as my scalp has very high standards lmao and this one is definitely one of those that meets it .. It’s really cooling and my hair feels great right after washing it :)

Anri Kobayashi Member

On 17 Feb 2018

Smooth and healthy hair

After using this product, my hair became smooth and healthier compared to the usual frizziness. Even though the sample could only last me for 2 days, for the next 3-4 days my hair was still as smooth and healthy as when I started using the product. I would definitely recommend this product to those with frizzy hair . 10/10 going to buy this product again!

jasmine lau Member

On 17 Feb 2018

Smell good shampoo

This shampoo feels smooth even while lathering into the hair. It can clean the scalp well also.