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Sakura_Bear Influencer

On 09 Feb 2018

Effective Skin White

I especially love that it’s combined with collagen 1443mg. As skin whitening takes some time to see the effect but the collagen can feel it almost immediately overnight. Skin feel firmer and more plump. Also love that it’s capsules and not large tablets as I do not like to swallow big tablets

Jane Member

On 16 Jul 2018

More skin translucency

After completing the whole bottle (I took 1/day to double the duration so I can observe if changes can be more significant), I did motive that my skin has more translucency and a very slight difference in skin fairness. Though results may vary, I am not sure about whether it's just my very old tan waning off as I am not fairer than at my fairest shade.

karen zhuo Member

On 06 Jun 2018


can see results after 1 week, skin whitened ......

Shu Ning Member

On 05 Jun 2018

Brighter and healthier skin

There is slight improvement for my skin and i believe with long term usage, there will be more obvious results

karen Member

On 24 May 2018

great product

can see effects after 1 bottle

Grace Member

On 04 Apr 2018

Whitening Pills

I took this consecutively for a month, 2 pills a day.m capsule is slightly huge to swallow though, But the effect is over my expectation, as i see that my freckles are lighten . I have tried stopped for a week due to falling sick, facial skin was darken without glow, but after taking back the pills for 1 week, my complexion was brighten again. I guess this have to be taken continuously, else it would be a perfect product.