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Dragon Fruit Extract’s Strong Sebum Control Power(27.2%)
Cooling Effect & Visible Pore Tightening(26.0%)
A Wash-off Face Mask That Traps Moisture(25.8%)
Gives Glow To Dry And Dull Looking Skin(21.0%)



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chloe ong Influencer

On 06 Apr 2018


this product felt really refreshing on my face and it was nice after i washed it off too

Rani Budiarto Influencer

On 06 Apr 2018

Good product

My skins feel smooth after using this mask. It gives cooling sensation on the face and the nice scent

Dil Skarsgård Influencer

On 05 Mar 2018

Awesome Product, IT Feels Good

Awesome Product, IT Feels Good And Love The Scent.

Nas Sue Influencer

On 04 Feb 2018

Texture of the Mask in the capsule was very dry and it kept flaking off during application

Please note that this clay fruit mask is more of the drier consistency and requires you to have some moisture spritz before you apply this mask. This is to ensure that you have a more even application without the mask flaking off as you are applying it. I could feel the tingling sensation of the mask on my face for 5mins, afterwhich, it was a cooling sensation after the initial tingle. Easy to wash off and the mask feels velvety. Has a very artificial fruity scent to it.

Teoh Jian Ping Member

On 18 May 2018


Feeling Refreshed after using it, burning sensation tones and makes my skin firm, clearly shows the pores being tightened

Teoh Jian Ye Member

On 18 May 2018


It really helps tones my skin, felt my pores being minimized by the burning sensation, very refreshed after using it.

huiyin Member

On 14 May 2018

do not like the product

the mask is too sticky and i really not like the feeling.

Ying Member

On 11 May 2018

Awesome product.

After trying, I really like the product, I will purchase it in retail store

Kate Member

On 11 May 2018

Average performer

No change in pore size after using. Don't like the fragrance of the product and the fragrance is over powering.