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Alleviate And Improve Scalp Troubles(13.7%)
Soothe Sensitive Scalp And Enhance The Flexibility Of Hair(12.9%)
Mildly Clean And Remove Any Residue And Dead Skin On The Scalp To Make Healthy Scalp(12.2%)
Improve Oily Scalp And Protect Hair(11.5%)
Clean Impurities And Dead Skin In Pores On The Scalp(10.1%)



Very Good








Junaidi Lim Influencer

On 23 Dec 2017

Not sure if I like it

This shampoo contains Biotin , popular as Vitamin H , to grow your hair and approved by Singapore MFDS The shampoo texture is creamy , after washed I felt my hair not so clean compare to other shampoo i used Will try again

Nas Sue Influencer

On 08 Aug 2017

Suitable for Frizzy hair too

This product has an artificial scent like blueberries and a slight medicinal scent as well, it leaves the hair feeling clean yet moisturised and does not strip your hair from its natural oils. Hair is left feeling soft and smooth after wash, did not need to use a conditioner afterwards. Even used it with serum after and frizz was maintained.

REB TAN Member

On 13 Mar 2018

Dr. Forhair Folligen Shampoo

Lately i been swimming alot and been using lots of various shampoo sample to get the best for my hair. I tried using this yesterday and finds it rather strong the scent n the white pasty shampoo. I was worried it was too strong for my hair due the strong smell and it accidently went to my eye and i quickly rinse off....phew i was worried too. MY hair is normal n feels clean after the wash. I will have to space out the use of the sample since i feel its content is so strong for my hair wash daily

Yeo Annie Member

On 06 Jan 2018


my scalp become sensitive after use. i think this is not suitable for me

Shirley Wong Member

On 28 Dec 2017

A considerable product

Surprisingly smells pleasant. Usually shampoos to do with hair loss smells bad. Maybe due to the chemicals did not produce a lot of foam which is what I like.

Mark Jin Rong Member

On 27 Dec 2017

Great product

Fragrant smell, cleansing, hope that using it over time really strengthens the hair.

Caroline Chng Member

On 25 Dec 2017

Great product for older people.

It's good to use derma-shampoo brands to address hair fall Issues. Still hard to say if it works at this stage, but will continue to try.