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Maintain Healthy Gum(18.9%)
Reduce Oral Bacteria Effectively(18.8%)
Reduce Dental Plaque(18.4%)
Strengthen Teeth(17.0%)



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Zhang Fei Influencer

On 28 Nov 2017

Pretty Amazing

My gums were not really in the pink of health using the original toothpaste i had, but using this in about 3-5 days, there was a drastic change in the condition of my gums. They don't bleed when i brush my teeth anymore, and it is not red, but a healthy pink color. I glad to say this product worked and i will definitely buy it in the future.

LeTing Influencer

On 22 Nov 2017

Been using Darlie for years

I have been using Darlie (original) for years and I love the fact that they uses natural ingredients . I do agree that the multicare toothpaste helps in keeping fresh breath and maintain overall cleanliness but it doesn’t really aid in whitening of teeth.

Jas Tan Influencer

On 20 Sep 2017

This product is awesome.... Thanks for a great deal

This product is awesome.... Thanks for a great deal

Jasmine Quek (jasmeanzxzx) Influencer

On 20 Jun 2017

Seems like the regular Darlie toothpaste..

I only use Darlie toothpaste at home, and to be honest, I can't tell the difference between this and the original one that I use..

Maryam Influencer

On 09 Jun 2017


Making my teeth clean and fresh all day long. Pls support ghe brand

Kisha B. Member

On 18 Dec 2017

My teeth becomes whiter

After trying out, my teeth becomes whiter than before!

Leona Member

On 17 Dec 2017

Fresh tasting toothpaste

I like this toothpaste as it tastes good. this is quite similar to the original flavour

Cynthia Hartono Member

On 17 Dec 2017

Minty refreshing.

I like this product. Minty. Refreshing as usual! At the moment, no comment for my gum. Gotta try this after few weeks. Looking forward to the effect.

Zil Transformer Member

On 17 Dec 2017

love this multicare tooth paste

this one has double multicare vitamins like vitamin e. it has mint essense which my family like.

yanling Member

On 16 Dec 2017

Always no.1

Darlie will never fail us. Very refreshing with minty scent due to their natural spearmint & peppermint essence.