Women’s Best Friend - Laurier Ultra Gentle

Women’s Best Friend - Laurier Ultra Gentle
Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Having period can be a nightmare as most ladies have to deal with cramps, PMS and stuffiness around the intimate area. These problems are usually normal and inevitable and most of us will try means and ways to make ourselves feel more comfortable during time of the month.

One of the most important factor to make yourself feel better is to get the right sanitary pad. However, with so many different sanitary pads on the shelves, selecting the right one that is comfortable and gentle on the skin, breathable and highly absorbent can be tedious.

With this, we would like to introduce Laurier Ultra Gentle, dermatologically tested napkin to relieve skin discomfort during periods.

The improved Laurier Ultra Gentle is now softer than ever on your skin. Developed with Japan’s advanced skin science technology, its unique, wavy surface minimizes friction to prevent skin irritation, making it gentler than ordinary cotton napkins. What’s more, combined with its superior breathability and absorbency, you can experience a whole new level of comfort during your period. It is dermatologically tested which is gentle to the intimate skin.

Laurier Japan has almost 20 years of R&D experience in the intimate skin area and Laurier Ultra Gentle is specially designed to provide the ultimate comfort and gentleness to delicate skin:

1. Gentler on Skin

Unique airy soft wavy top sheet has minimal contact with the skin, which helps to reduce friction effectively by 30%*, hence minimizing skin discomforts caused by friction.

2. Extra Breathable

The improved wavy surface promotes and increases airflow by +50%^, thus relieving stuffiness, moisture and itchiness.

3. Highly Absorbent

Quick Lock & Dry System absorbs and locks in fluid quickly, reducing wetness on the napkin surface. You will feel drier and stay sticky-free.

4. Advanced Technology

Developed with Japan advanced skin science technology. Made in Japan, premium quality.

Laurier Ultra Gentle Day (20.5cm, 22.5cm & 25cm) & Night (30cm, 34cm & 40cm) are available at leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

You can redeem your FREE Laurier Ultra Gentle here.

*Compared to previous Laurier Ultra Gentle products ^Compared to other Kao products