Monday, June 26, 2017

If your bottle of Vaseline has been sitting untouched in cupboard, it’s about time to get it out again. This may very well be the one product that you’ll swear by as your budget beauty hack. It’s hard to find something this long-lasting, versatile and affordable sold in such generous amounts.

Treats your cracked and dry heels


We found petroleum jelly to be really effective in making your heels look ageless. Apply liberally on your feet every night and have them wrapped them up with a pair of socks overnight. Watch the lines start to thin just after two weeks.

Stems bleeding


You can always count on Vaseline to temporarily ease your bleeding wound. Even for deeper-than-usual cuts, petroleum jelly is definitely your go-to aid to prevent a bloody mess until you reach the nearest clinic.


Reduces blisters


Can’t get enough of buying new shoes yet hate that ruptured sore at the back of your heels? Try smearing on some jelly on the edges of the shoe to soften it up. Try it on a pair of budget flats. At least it worked for us!


Softens dry lips

Licking your lips may have become one of your everyday habits. But you don’t have to do that anymore if you try slapping on some petroleum jelly. It helps keep the dryness out, and keeps your lips staying smooth. You don’t have to feel embarrassed about shedding skin anymore.


Makeup remover


If you’re stuck at that time of the month waiting to cash in your paycheck, make do with this inexpensive alternative. Vaseline is a pretty effective solution to remove eye makeup. Wipe it away with a cotton pad.