Tips to Dye Hair in Your Own Comfort Zone

Tips to Dye Hair in Your Own Comfort Zone
Sunday, February 10, 2019

It’s no longer fun and games when you were excited to finally dye your hair at your own comfort but it turned out unexpectedly bad. Then you’re there asking yourself, “What went wrong?”.

Dying your own hair is always easier said than done. However there are certain tips and tricks that you might’ve missed out that could turn your D.I.Y hair dye a pleasant one.

#1 Do Not Wash Your Hair Prior to Colouring

That’s right! The dirtier your scalp is, the better it is. Allowing natural hair oils on your scalp act as a protective layer during your hair colouring treatment at home. Cleansing your scalp beforehand might create a ‘stinging’ sensation on your scalp during the treatment.

#2 Do a Patch Test

Follow all instructions carefully that it’s being listed on the packaging. It is also a good idea to do a patch test first to make sure that you’re not allergic to the chemicals that is found in the dye.

#3 Never Go Beyond The Stated Duration

When it has been stated to leave on the dye for up to 40 minutes, please do not go beyond that. There is a misconception that the longer you leave your dye, the colour will turn out to be stronger and more vibrant. But this is not the case. The colour penetrated will never go beyond the duration mark. Instead, this will damage your hair even further.

#4 Section, Section, Section

Experience patchiness? Section your hair. Split your hair in the middle and split each sections into another two sections. Two above the ear, two below it. Always apply the dye from back to front because the dye sitting on the back is the longest and is naturally darker than the front.

#5 Tone Your Hair

Many people often skip this step especially after colouring. Toning neutralises brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached or coloured hair. It acts as an aftercare for bleached hair as well. So after bleaching or colouring, get a purple or blue shampoo, apply onto dry hair (coat it well), wait 30 minutes and rinse it out.

Practice makes perfect and if not, get a friend that could help you. Dying your hair at your own comfort is definitely less costly but you’re more prone to mistakes and bad experiences. However, it doesn’t hurt to try and be mindful of the smallest tips that could help achieve the colour you want. Good Luck!


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