Threading Your Brows For The First Time?

Threading Your Brows For The First Time?
Saturday, April 20, 2019

Here is what you definitely  need to know.

After brow threading for the first time, I looked in the mirror and realised that I’ve become a whole new person. I do not mean to be dramatic, but the phrase with “Beauty is Pain” is extremely true in this case - You need to be prepared for what you getting if you are considering brow threading.

Not for The Weak

My pain tolerance is REALLY low - unless you can withstand pinching sensations all alongside your entire brow area - Then my pain tolerance is definitely humiliatingly lower than normal. Take note that the entire threading procedure lasts for about 10 minutes (that also means you’re undergoing 10 minutes of pain). But the good thing is that once you can sit through it - you are practically invincible.

Fun fact: did you know that your pain tolerance decreases when you are on your period? This is because of the decreased estrogen levels, and your skin becomes drier and more sensitive. So thread your brows before/after you get your monthly visits.

Too Close For Comfort!

Picture this - You have to sit still, with hands all up in the most sensitive part of your face. The person doing threading will get you to stretch your own eyes to get at your under-eyebrow arch. Added along with the painful pinching sensation that lasts for a good 10 minutes, threading isn’t exactly an activity where you sit back and relax.

You WILL Cry!

Even if you’re the most stoic person in your neighbourhood, threading will make you tear up for sure! Threading focuses on adding pressure to the eye area, hence tearing up is natural. Make sure to ask for a small break, or voice your concerns to the beautician. Or if you have a lot of pride like me, you will just have to sit through the process quietly, tearing up and not flinching.

Post Threading Redness/Whiteness

After your hair has been practically removed from your hair follicle, there will be a slight burning sensation due to the hairs being removed and the skin around will become extra sensitive. Hence, the best is to use something soothing, such as a cooling sheet mask to reduce the pain around the areas you threaded.

Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask would your best fit for a post threading session. Get yours from here to try!

All that again for clean brows? Why not?

Once you have achieved that clean cut look that leaves your brows looking even more defined, it will be hard to go back to letting them grow back to their bushy selves. Threading your brows every two weeks seems to be considerably worth it. Trust me, threading just lets you immediately understand the phrase, “no pain no gain”.


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