These Acne Pads Will Help To Get Rid of Your Acnes — and They're Invisible

These Acne Pads Will Help To Get Rid of Your Acnes — and They're Invisible
Sunday, June 24, 2018

We hate how distressing it is when there is a huge and horrendous acne popped up smack dab on your cheeks, we know what acnes can always do to our confidence, especially before an important event such an interview. By then, it’s already too late to use any acne treatment. This is where IGIBAN Hydrcolloid Acne Pad will become your (invisible) hero.

IGIBAN Hydrcolloid Acne Pad uses a special material known as Hydrocolloid. Hydrocolloid, a substance renowned for its use in medical dressing, is a special type of bandage that adsorb excess fluid, like oil and pus from your acne. They then turn those impurities into a gel-like form that adheres to the sticker, which stays tightly sealed beneath the patch's protective barrier to keep it out of your pores and off your face. It’s waterproof outer layer acts as a protective cover over the treated area against bacteria and water. Hydrocolloid also drys out the wound, allowing the wound to heal faster.

IGIBAN Hydrcolloid Acne Pad is so thin that it is invisible like a second skin, not only it helps to diminish distressed appearance of blemished skin, most importantly it helps acnes disappear quickly and effectively - or at the very least, speed-up the process.

Having an acne pad on your face keeps you from picking at your acne and face. Picking an acne, especially with dirty hands, increases inflammation and can slow the healing process. That’s the reason why your dermatologist always warns you not to pick your acne.

To use it, first you must clean and dry your skin around the acne. Do not apply any skincare products. Then simply paste the acne pad on your acne. Each protective sticker seals at the edges, creating an impermeable barrier against bacteria to ensure that no other germs can cause a secondary infection; it's that air-tight barrier that helps create the suction that's necessary for pus and fluid removal. 


If you’d like, you can apply makeup over them and not disturb the magical healing process. After a couple hours, you will notice the clear, flat pad turns an off-white colour and fattens up a bit. Once it turn into an off-white colour, peel it off to reveal flat, zit-free skin - no dryness included. They are that effective! Most of the time it will be gone, however if it's not replace with a new acne pad as your acne might not be fully formed.

Redeem your IGIBAN Hydrcolloid Acne Pad sample here: and say hello to clear skin!