Taste the authenticity of Japanese food at Kanda Wadatsumi!

Taste the authenticity of Japanese food at Kanda Wadatsumi!
Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's better than enjoying Japanese food without having to travel to Japan? When it's not only authentic but affordable, too!

Recently our Sample Store influencers and their plus ones were invited to Kanda Wadatsumi, located at 50 Tras Street Singapore 078989 for a food tasting of their set lunches.

The concept of this restaurant is based on a popular Japanese restaurant in Kanda district, a traditional center of Tokyo Japan. The restaurant gives off a traditional Japanese vibe with its interior decor so you'll feel like you've been transported to Japan! And of course, to complete the whole experience, they import their fish and Wagyu beef from Japan so you'll get the same authentic taste.

After reading our influencers' reviews of their food, it tempted us so badly to head there ourselves! So we gathered a group of 8 of us on a separate occasion to celebrate one of our birthdays in their private dining room! Do note to call & reserve beforehand.

Kanda Wadatsumi is suitable for big and small groups so it’s perfect for your family/friends gathering or even a romantic date ;) The restaurant is divided into three areas so you can choose according to your preference; tables looking like earthen floors in the house, a Japanese-style room and a Sushi counter.


This is their private dining area!

We headed there on a Saturday afternoon as some of us don't work in the CBD which is where Kanda Wadatsumi is conveniently located - it's walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT station so a weekday lunch wasn't ideal for us! However for those of you who do work in the CBD, if you have exhausted all lunch options near you, here's a new joint for you to get your Japanese food fix!

First up on the menu, our set lunch appetizers!

The salad was served with the usual Japanese roasted sesame sauce which is always delicious - no complains. Alongside was a homemade tofu dish that has an interesting texture and taste. Definitely different from the usual tofu you get elsewhere.

These appetizers were light and refreshing enough to whet our appetites for our main courses to come!

Unagi set lunch 
Set includes salad, pickle, bonito soup.
This dish tastes as good as it looks. Our influencer, Melissa had also tried this during her invite down and we were so convinced by her review that we just had to order this and it definitely didn’t disappoint! 
For more details on how you should be enjoying this dish, you can head over to Melissa’s blog to find out more; She describes the correct way to truly enjoy this dish, something she picked up during her Nagoya travels!

Next up, Sashimi Course!


This course includes appetizer, salad, sashimi 7 kinds, rice, miso soup & sesame ice cream.
The sashimi was undeniably fresh and absent of any fishy taste! The taste was light on our palette and everyone at the table was impressed by the freshness of it all. One of us who never dared to try tuna sashimi became a convert after tasting that thick, fresh slab! Absolutely divine. Sashimi lovers, don't pass on this dish!

If you're up for sushi, here's one for you!



For this set, you'll have to DIY wrap your own sushi! It has few kinds of fresh sashimi, tamago and fish roe served alongside sheets of seaweed and sushi rice; You get to decide how you wish to customize and wrap your own sushi! This definitely makes for an engaging meal =D It may not look like much but it will definitely fill you up after a while as you try to master your wrapping skills.

If you're not a fan of raw sashimi then here's one for you!


What's a complete Japanese meal without the deep fried yummy goodness of tempura? Trust the Japanese to make deep fried foods taste healthy! 

The batter isn't overwhelming nor oily at all so you can even taste the subtle flavours of the vegetables. The prawn was sweet, meaty, fresh and flavourful unlike most prawn tempuras you get elsewhere which are usually rather tasteless. Definitely one of the best prawn tempura we've tried!

On to the sweeter things in life...

Sesame ice cream. This unpretentious scoop of ice cream packs an unforgettable punch! This dessert is best described in Melissa's words:

The unexpected best part would probably be the sesame ice cream! Usually Japanese restaurants in Singapore gets ubiquitous sesame/ yuzu/ green tea ice cream from the same supplier and the ice cream would be dry, somewhat icy and served in a tiny scoop. This sesame ice cream however, was super creamy and rich with the perfect balance of sesame flavour and sweetness. The scoop was very big and generous and it should be that way because one tiny scoop will not be enough since this was so good! It’s worth coming back here just for this.

Our sentiments exactly! Even a non-sesame lover would find this a delight - It has a rich roasted flavour that masks the sesame flavour slightly without overshadowing it. It's definitely an unexpected flavour uncharacteristic of most sesame desserts you've ever tasted. Like Melissa mentioned, this is one item on their menu we'll be back for! ;D

Not forgetting our purpose of this special occasion to celebrate one of our birthdays; We had informed Kanda Wadatsumi in advance to prepare their birthday special for our birthday boy! Hence, on top of the delightful sesame ice cream, we got an extra serving of dessert!

Homemade mango pudding and fresh peach slices which was satisfying! And with that, we ended our meal on a high and sweet note =D

Thanks for the warm hospitality and delicious food, Kanda Wadatsumi! 

Fnd out more about Kanda Wadatsumi:
Website: http://www.kanda-wadatsumi.sg/en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kandawadatsumi.sg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kandawadatsumi/
For reservations, call 6221 6264!

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Arigato! Drop us a comment below if you've enjoyed their food, too!