Stay Fresh, Clean & Protected All Day With BETADINE® Feminine Wash

Stay Fresh, Clean & Protected All Day With BETADINE® Feminine Wash
Tuesday, December 11, 2018

You’re taking a shower… You’ve cleansed your face, shampooed your tresses and washed your body. Then what are you supposed to do with your intimate area? Studies have shown that many women are unaware of the right intimate hygiene practices to keep their intimate area clean and healthy.

Your intimate area is an important part of your body, it is a delicate and sensitive part. It has an acidic pH, more acidic than the skin of the rest of the body, which helps to keep good bacteria (such as lactobacilli) healthy and bad bacteria in check. While keeping your body clean with regular body wash, it is not a good idea to do the same with your intimate area as your body washes may contain perfume and harsh ingredients that are likely to irritate your skin and leaving you more vulnerable to infections that cause itch, odour and excessive discharge. Your intimate area requires more than just your regular hygiene routine.

Just like your face needs specialised skincare products, so does your intimate area. Everything from periods to exercising can disrupt vaginal pH levels - if you use the right products and follow proper intimate hygiene habits, you can avoid upsetting this pH balance and therefore help to avoid vaginal infections. P.S. maintaining the pH balance of your intimate area is as important as maintaining the moisture level of your face.

BETADINE® carries a range of feminine care products that are designed to take care of your feminine area, leaving you feeling comfortable and clean. BETADINE® Feminine Wash is designed exclusively to address the special needs of your intimate area to help keep it fresh, clean and healthy. The gynaecologically tested feminine wash nourishes and supports growth of your healthy intimate flora for natural protection against feminine discomforts. Formulated from natural ingredients, the hypoallergenic feminine wash contains prebiotics that helps to stimulate the growth and dominance of beneficial bacteria and prevents harmful organisms from growing. With its unique Tri-Care+™ formulation combined with prebiotics, BETADINE® Feminine Wash provides daily protection from unwanted symptoms associated with pH imbalance.

BETADINE® Feminine Wash comes in 3 different variants specifically designed for individual’s needs:

1. Gentle Protection Immortelle: contains Immortelle, also known as the "everlasting" flower that contains a natural antioxidant that helps to improve the skin's natural moisture. It nourishes and supports growth of your healthy intimate flora for natural protection against feminine discomforts.

2. Fresh and Active Lemon Verbena: exclusively designed for women living in warm climates or those who lead an active lifestyle that cause profuse perspiration especially in the intimate area that causes discomfort. Fresh and Active Lemon Verbena offers a long lasting feeling of freshness in the feminine area whilst supporting natural pH and flora.

3. Moisturising Calendula: women with dryness-prone skin or going through life stages such as after childbirth or menopause can experience dryness around the intimate area. Using soap or body washes for your intimate area may further strip its natural essential oils. Moisturising Calendula contains a natural extract from the C.officinalis flower, Calendula, known for it's rejuvenating ability, keeps the skin healthy and protected against dryness woes. It provides optimum moisture to the intimate area, whilst supporting natural pH and flora.

Free from soap, paraben and colourant, the feminine wash aims to moisturise your intimate area gently while maintaining its natural pH. We also love that it’s so gentle that you can use it daily and during periods. It soothes and refreshes the skin around the intimate area, leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

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BETADINE® feminine care products are designed exclusively for feminine hygiene needs. The range consists of Wash Foam, Wash Liquid and Feminine Wipes that allow you to freshen up wherever you are!

BETADINE® feminine care products are available at Shopee and all leading pharmacies.