Stay Cool This Summer

Stay Cool This Summer
Friday, June 2, 2017

Is the heat getting you closer to your boiling point? Cool down and read on!

We hate to face the fact that we are experiencing summer all year round. In the recent years, Singapore is experiencing extreme weather fluctuations, and this can really take a toll on your skin. Excess sun expose causes skin issues such as skin dehydration and pigmentation.

To still look hot with healthy and radiant looking skin during this hazardous time, we have some tips to fight the dryness!

1. Start your day right by hydrating your skin from within

During humid weathers, some of us tend to skip our skincare regimen worrying that the products may caused the skin to feel more oily and sticky. But do you know that even when your skin is producing more sebum, they need serious hydration and moisturisation. Skipping your skincare regimen may cause your body’s oil glands to be more active and producing more oil.

Instead of skipping your skincare regimen, replace your oil-based skincare products with Momonde Floral Hydro hydrating skincare range! The highly enriched hydrating range prevents skin from dehydration and helps to circulate moisture by activating the moisture network inside the skin. Equipped with the powerful Narcissus bulb extract, the Mamonde Floral Hydro range uses an innovative Water-Cycle™ technology to instantly hydrate and lock moisture into the skin surface, circulate moisture by activating the moisture network within the skin to ensure the skin is never dehydrated, and helps to increase the production enzymes which encourages synthesis of hyaluronic acid to stimulate creation of skin moisture. The range’s Ampoule Toner, Emulsion, Hydro Cream and Eye Gel Cream works hand in hand to give your skin the long-lasting moisturisation that last the whole day! 

2. Never ignore your parents when they urge you to drink more water or have more fruits

In addition to drinking the recommended eight glasses of water on a daily basis, enrich your diet with water-rich fruits such as watermelon, berries, oranges and apples for an additional boost of hydration. As heat and sun flush the water out of our skin and system, it is essential to keep ourselves hydrated.

3. Keep your skin cool with face mist whenever you need to freshen up


Cool, soothe and refresh your skin after being in the sun all day with Uriage Thermal Water, the only Isotonic Thermal Water that contains the highest mineral concentration amongst all thermal water. All we need is a spritz or two during midday to hydrate our skin intensively. And ladies, the best thing is, this facial mist do not smudge makeup!

Get your travel-sized Uriage Thermal Water here:

4. Pamper your skin at the end of the day

At the end of the day, it is common to feel that our skin is bombarded with the environment stress. Relieve dryness and restore moisture to overexposed skin with Luxury Soo Chengpye-Moisture Mask Pack. The product will moisturize your worn-out skin, invigorating your skin. Also it will provide your skin nourishment from the ingredient such as Rosa Centifolia Flower Water, containing selected medicine herbal extract.

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Follow the necessary and we are sure you will be ‘hotter’ than the weather in no time ;)

- Felicia (@ForteFelicity)