Start Your Day Right with Barista Gourmet Drip Coffee!

Start Your Day Right with Barista Gourmet Drip Coffee!
Monday, June 25, 2018

Rise and shine! Start your morning routine right with a cup of Barista Gourmet Drip Coffee (Gourmet Blend) from Barista Coffee!

Barista Coffee is the first and leading dark-roast coffee chain shop in Taiwan, using only premium ingredients to create innovative coffee products for consumers.

While many of the most delicious blends in the market are pricey, Barista Coffee aimed to provide premium coffee with an economical price tag.

Using 100% fresh Arabica coffee beans from world’s best coffee-growing countries - Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia, Barista Coffee strives to produce premium and fresh coffee that is aromatic, sweet and unique, bringing the professional coffee experience to consumers.

To keep the coffee powder fresh, the coffee beans are roasted in a professional bean roasting factory in Taiwan with world-class equipments and it is packed in Nitrogen Gas Packaging to seal the aroma and flavour. Every packet of coffee comes with a patent drip bag that makes coffee brewing at home professional.

And if you’d asked, is drip coffee troublesome? Not at all! The ritual of pour over is like a mediation and physically pouring water into the filter offers consumers the flexibility to control the flavour and intensity of the coffee. Controlling the flow of the water while brewing allows you to bring out the full flavours of the beans, giving you the best coffee savouring experience. This simple experience gets you in tune with your coffee.

Along with every Barista Gourmet Drip Coffee sachet, instructions are provided to guide you along on the right water temperature and amount of water to use for the best flavour.

Being one of the world’s most popular beverages, coffee has a reputation of protecting against dementia, liver disease, type 2 diabetes, and promoting a healthy heart, aside from helping us function on a daily basis. Loaded with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that can improve your health, there is no reason why you should not include coffee in your diet.

And with Barista Gourmet Drip Coffee, you can now make your own cup of high quality gourmet coffee at the comfort of your home! Get your samples here: