Song Hye Kyo Secrets To Glowing Skin

Song Hye Kyo Secrets To Glowing Skin
Monday, August 21, 2017

The flawless and dewy skin of Korea’s celebrities has been the goal of many women. But what is their secret? Today, we take a look at soon-to-be bride, Song Hye Kyo, beauty secrets to uncover how she can keep her skin looking radiant despite a hectic schedule.

1. Dermatologist & Mask Is The Key


When I’m not working, I go to the dermatologist and receive treatment. When I’m filming, I can’t go so I always carry packs or masks around with me and wear them. - Soompi


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2. Ice Ice Baby


The actress recommends using ice cubes to massage her face claiming that this helps in firming and tightening the skin. - Viva Woman

3. Start Anti-Ageing Early


I think using anti-ageing products really helps; the (sooner), the better you know? My mother told me it’s better to start using anti-ageing, even at a young age. Especially since I’m an actress and I’m constantly under stage lights or exposed to a lot of sunlight. - The Malay Mail Online

4. Choose Your Food Wisely


What goes into your body play a huge role in your looks. Song Hye Kyo avoids consuming junk food, soda, and black tea. We know that these food will not do any good to your body and skin. - Candy

Now we finally know why this 35-year-old actress still look like she’s in her 20s!

- Felicia (@ForteFelicity)

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