Sample Store’s Celebration by Miyake

Sample Store’s Celebration by Miyake
Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Toss some confetti in the air and celebrate! Congratulations to Sample Store on their new site! This post marks my first month working with the team, and I’m excited to share exclusive beauty tips and reviews with you guys on this space! Do stay tuned!

Speaking of celebration, who is getting excited that Christmas is around the corner (even when it is still 1 month away)? ME! I love seeing how most of the shops are retailing their Christmas collections and having Christmas decorations at every corner of their shops. With so many gift options available, are you having a dilemma on what to get for your girlfriends!

In my opinion, makeup will be the best bet. There are countless of makeup products on the shelves, so I’m sure there is something for everyone, either some staples that you can use on a daily basis or in trend cosmetics that every girls crave for! No woman will ever complain for owning too many makeup products. Here, I’m excited to share these newly launched K-beauty makeup products that are suitable as gifts!

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate these gorgeous latest additions to the k-beauty range from Stylenanda’s Cosmetic line, 3CE: Mood Recipe. Everyone can easily work on those rich warm tones eyeshadows without feeling overdone. They also carry a range of lip products from nude pink to brick red. I’m loving their rose hue blushers, my favourite got to be the Rose Beige that looks amazing and sweet!

Before I end this post, did you miss out my video with Sample Store?

You can view it here and don’t forget to sign up! You wouldn’t want to miss out on all their upcoming giveaways and new product launches!

Stay tuned for my next post that is coming soon!