Pamper Your Skin With suisai - Kanebo's Cult Skincare Line

Pamper Your Skin With suisai - Kanebo's Cult Skincare Line
Tuesday, July 24, 2018

If you haven’t been taking care of your skin properly due to your hectic lifestyle, now is the time to treat your skin to a little extra pampering! Whether you’re looking for nourishing moisturisers to rehydrate or a rejuvenating face mask to revitalise your skin, Japanese beauty brand suisai got you covered. suisai is currently in the spotlight as one of the most sought after Japanese skincare brand, with many notable influencers swearing by its products. Though the brand launched a couple of years back, it made a highly anticipated debut in Singapore last November.

Developed under leading Japanese cosmetics producer Kanebo, the suisai range was inspired by this very “Gift of Fermentation”, and was created with the belief that the fermentation process in skincare could also produce wondrous, beautifying ingredients that reduce roughness, improve texture, and tighten the pores. Formulated with moisturising elements such as fermented soymilk extract, pear juice extract and Double Hyaluronic Acid, suisai promises skin that is radiant, enriched and fully hydrated.

Here are some of the highly raved suisai products that beauty junkies can’t seem to get enough of!

1. Beauty Clear Powder

These individual capsules of cleansers is the brand’s bestselling product so far, ranked as the number one facial wash in Japan for three consecutive years. A gentle yet effective cleanse for smoother and brighter skin, the cleanser contains two unique enzymes and amino acid cleansing ingredients which naturally break down dead skin cells and other impurities and gently buff them away while you cleanse. The product works great in reducing pore visibility, blackheads, and acnes. They're also especially convenient while traveling.

2. Oil Cleansing

Using oil cleanser is an effective way to dissolve makeup and the dirt of the day without stripping the skin of moisture and leaving it dry and tight. With suisai Oil Cleansing, you can now remove even the most resilient makeup quickly and effortlessly! The oil-based elixir will be a refreshing change from harsh makeup removers as it is powerful enough to remove makeup, old keratin and excess sebum while retaining moisture. It also leaves no trace of greasiness or stickiness, so you can always go to bed happy with a clean and refreshed face.

3. Skin Tightening Cool Lotion

Formulated with refreshing ingredients that release a cooling sensation upon application and moisturising elements that will leave your skin thoroughly hydrated and porcelain smooth, this toner offers a refreshing way to tone your skin! It keeps your skin clear, clean and refreshed.  Especially perfect for Singapore’s year-round summers, keep it in the fridge for the extra boost of rejuvenation!

4. Emulsion

For a soft, smooth and even-textured skin, complete your skincare ritual with the suisai Emulsion. Developed with a special fermented formula, it creates a truly moisturising effect that penetrates deep into the skin and keep your skin adequately moisturised throughout the day. This lightweight product will be absorbed by your skin almost instantly, leaving no trace of stickiness behind.

5. 3D Mask

The three-dimensional design of this beauty mask adheres to the face perfectly for a comfortable and snug fit, offering care to every corner of the face. Powered with suisai’s fermented skincare formula, the 3D Mask boasts a concentrated moisturising effect that will plump up skin, leaving you with a dewy and glowing complexion. It also makes skin soft, priming it for the easy absorption of nutrients.

suisai products are available at Welcia-BHG, Don Don Donki and Lazada, get yours today!

If you would like to try suisai signature hit product, Beauty Clear Powder, head over to Sample Store or simply redeem your samples here: