Friday, August 3, 2018

Introducing KEVIN.MURPHY COLORING.ANGELS, an original line of colour enhancing treatments designed to improve the condition of all hair types, impart a lustrous shine and offer a range of tonal solutions for glossy, lustrous hair.

Expanding on the brand’s largely popular and cult-favourite BLONDE.ANGEL, a colour enhancing haircare line that refresh and repair brassy and yellowed blonde tones, KEVIN.MURPHY recently launched COLOURING.ANGELS, a line of innovative new conditioning treatments that moisturise, enhances, restores shine, and refreshes coloured or uncoloured hair.

Touted as a “colour gloss for the hair”, the treatment allow users to experience a new wave of shine, specially with blonde or lightened hair. Also enhancing tones of brunettes and darker shades, COLOURING.ANGELS can be used in place of regular KEVIN.MURPHY RINSES for a nourishing colour and shine boost for all.

The all new colour-enhancing treatments add a lip-gloss like shine and tone to the hair to enhance existing tones, neutralise unwanted tones, and improve colour longevity without building up on the hair. Packed with hair-loving ingredients such as Olive Leaf Extract to mimic the hair’s healthy oils providing essential moisture to the hair, Green Tea Extract to improve the hair’s flexibility while adding moisture and protection, and Grape Seed Oil which is a great source of Linoleic Acid that improves moisture retention.

The newest KEVIN.MURPHY BLONDE squad includes four colour enhancing shades – AUTUMN, COOL, CRYSTAL, and SUGARED – to add subtle hints of colour and incredible, illuminating shine.

AUTUMN.ANGEL adds a luminous shine and a soft, apricot rosé hue for natural, rose gold, or apricot-toned blondes.

COOL.ANGEL is a balanced blend of grey shades to impart slate tones, magnifies cool, ash shades while removing stubborn orange and red hues from the hair. Perfect for crystal blondes, grey blondes, ash blondes and brown as well as natural or grey hair for a cool edge.

SUGARED.ANGEL for a creamy, vanilla beige to mute unwanted warmth and create luminous natural, vanilla, beige and toffee tones that reflects from sandy blondes to biscuit browns.

CRYSTAL.ANGEL helps to enhance your existing colour while illuminating your strands with this unique clear, top coat.

The different shades add a touch of colour to your hair in an edgy, unexpected way. And the best thing is, you can create a shade that is uniquely yours! So get creative and play with the four colours by mixing and matching them together to create an endless array of shades!

To use, simply cleanse the hair with the WASH of your choice and apply your desired COLOURING.ANGEL, leaving for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. You can use your ANGEL as often as you wish, as the pigments are designed to never build up on your hair!

The colour fades gradually washes out gradually, shampoo after shampoo, around 3 to 5 washes. So it is really convenient to switch and change your hair colour whenever you want. Users will love the flexibility of this range of products and how it softly colours the hair while caring at the same time.

COLOURING.ANGELS give you a whole range of options and choice when it comes to imparting shine and brightness to dull hair, refreshing colour and neutralising unwanted tones.

They will illuminate and protect even the most damaged or stressed hair while imparting a lip gloss like shine and tone to the hair. Get yours today!