My Christmas in Eastern Europe! - by influencer, Celestine

My Christmas in Eastern Europe! - by influencer, Celestine
Friday, December 30, 2016

Fill your life with adventures, not things.

Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.



How was everyone's Christmas? =) I just got back to Singapore from a 11 Days and 8 Nights tour to Eastern Europe over Christmas and I loved it! 

Places I journeyed to were Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro and my favourite of these places is Croatia.

These countries are not as modern and high tech as Singapore or any other 1st world countries. I observed that the people there are really carefree, getting by day to day without any stress or worry about what tomorrow will bring. It was such a lovely trip to take a look at the world from the other side. For me, it was a trip that has reminded me to appreciate how truly blessed Singaporeans actually are.




Why is Croatia my favourite place out of all the countries and location I went to? It is so difficult to pick a favourite place as each city has its own breath-taking moments but if I really had to… I would say it's Split in Croatia. Split is the second largest town in Croatia by the coast by the Adriatic Sea.  

Located in Split is the Diocletian Palace which was built in the 4th century. We stopped to think how long ago that was and yet the building still remains standing strong and untouched up till now. This fortress can house up to 9000 people inside its walls which serve to protect the people from external threats.





With a place teeming with such rich history, I can see why UNESCO proposed that Diocletian’s Palace be included in the World Cultural Heritage in 1979. Today, the Palace’s basement is open to public, including tourists while the upper levels have been converted into housing for the locals to stay. The alleys and streets on the ground floor is now filled with shops for souvenirs, chocolates (really good dark chocolate), nuts, olive oils and a lot of other local produce.



Overall, I really loved how friendly the people are in Croatia! I had a great time by the coast, watching the sunset, eating local seafood and drinking their local beer. It was an awesome experience there. Truly relaxing and with the exposure to the history behind this place, it enriched my trip in Croatia!


Here's some snippets of my other travel photos in Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro!


We travel not to escape life,
But for life not to escape us.


If you have any questions about my travels or if you're planning to head to these countries, drop a comment below and I'll be happy to help!


Love, Celestine

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